Caine's Arcade raises $164K for scholarship; $164K more for other creative kids

A followup to the wonderful Caine's arcade story Mark blogged two weeks back: the Internet's many users were so impressed by Caine's ingenuity that they raised $164,000 for his college fund. The funds are matched 1:1 by the Goldhirsh Foundation, and these matching funds are earmarked to fund the Caines Arcade Foundation "which will help find, foster, and fund creativity and entrepreneurship in young kids."

12 Responses to “Caine's Arcade raises $164K for scholarship; $164K more for other creative kids”

  1. Ralidius says:

    Fantastic. Just fantastic.

  2. Faith in humanity: momentarily restored.

  3. jimh says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of fun passes!
    Way to go, Caine!

  4. jennybean42 says:

    This is what the internet is for. And cats. Lots of cats.

  5. voiceinthedistance says:

    I think this might be a reason to have a second internet.  That would be doubly delicious.  

    Also, I would like to be able to follow Caine’s progress, not unlike the 7 Up series of documentaries by Michael Apted.  

  6. Grahamers2002 says:

    People are good. The future is bright.

  7. nirvan says:

    It’s actually only been 8 days since Mark blogged it. Big thanks to Mark & BoingBoing for being the first to share this. We’re thrilled that the Goldhirsh Foundation has stepped up to allow this to grow. It’s pretty unprecedented for Foundation to move so quickly in such a big way. Let’s dare to dream big and do good.

    • buckman says:

      Hi Nirvan, we’re all inspired by Caine’s creativity, desire, and commitment, and I want to thank you for your own sense of play and wonder. From being the first to engage in his dream realized in cardboard, to shining a bright light on one boys adventure, to inspiring so many to donate to Caine’s education (and now the education of others like him). You shared a moving story in a beautiful way, and I hope you feel like Caine in my favorite moment at the end: “… and I was proud.”

  8. This gives hope for children everywhere with drive and imagination, thanx to everyone involved.

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