New EU ACTA reviewer also recommends not signing it, calls ACTA a threat to civil liberties


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  1. What would be nice now would be if the European Parliament did a complete investigation into the whole affair: who promised what to whom, to ascertain how the “people’s” representatives were corrupted into swallowing this pig. Then, any company or organization who made any promises of future reward to a public official, or gave anything of value, should be prevented from ever doing any business in Europe, ever again.

    In short, treat the whole affair like the criminal matter it most likely is. All that’s needed is one whistleblower. . . 

    • loroferoz says:

      Indeed. ACTA is

      Corruption of public officials.

      Subversion of legislative process and public policy.

      Subversion of democracy and public representation in lawmaking.

      Active curtailing of civil rights.

      Fraud to the detriment of private parties and the public at large.

      Framing and wrongful incrimination of private parties and public at large.

      Are we going to let these… coupsters and gangsters get away again?

  2. Phil Fot says:

    The best thing is that if the EU pisses on ACTA, perhaps they’ll be more inclined to provide some support for the oppressed residents of the United States when we cry for help to implement a regime change.

  3. Trent Baker says:

     Not going to happen, you can’t get a regime change if the real rulers are the corporations standing behind the throne.

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