"Scared to pee": the case of the exploding government toilets


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  1. Obama wanted to compress our freedoms!  Left-wingers are waging class warfare against people who have their own indoor toilet facilities! Vote Kony 2012!

  2. mat catastrophe says:

    No one ever puts the right clips on youtube.

    So, you don’t get to see the scene from “Deal of the Century” where Chevy Chase’s character explains the finer points of exploding toilets as a means of political assassination.

    You just get to read a brief description of it.


  3. Guest says:

    In one of the buildings I used to work in, there was a mechanical room that had the door propped open, as there were leaky pipes in there and the nearest floor drain was at the bottom of the steps leading up to said room. (Yes, that means there was a constantly wet floor and stairs, but propping the door open was easier than fixing the pipes. Go figure.)

    One day a positively ancient-looking air compressor appeared in that room. It was connected to what appeared to be the water main. It ran intermittently. I always wondered what would  happen if it were to get stuck on.

    Now I know.

  4. travtastic says:

    Seriously though, this kind of dumb shit is exactly why OSHA regulations seem so over-engineered and wasteful. Energized equipment can kill or injure someone, even if it is a toilet.

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