Space Shuttle Discovery's final landing (video)


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  1. mccrum says:

    Saddest.  Post.  Ever.

    Need Caine’s Arcade Chaser…

  2. MarcVader says:

    Scumbag USA… Slashes planetary science budget. Orders humans to Mars for next PR stunt.


    Nevertheless beautiful vid, and indeed bittersweet.
    (ps: The last PR stunt I’m referring to was the moon landings.)

  3. Alex Williams says:

    So, does anyone know how they are going to get the shuttle off the 747?  I’m assuming they don’t just keep a Mount-Demount Device on hand in Washington D.C….

  4. Tim Maddux says:

    The last shot of it leaving view in the distance, I couldn’t help but think to myself how it looked like a spaceship.  Which of course, it is.  Or was.

  5. BonzoDog1 says:

    Before we get all weepy, remember it was a space truck that turned into a Lamborghini with a lousy catastrophic failure rate that helped build a millionaire’s space hotel/big pharma lab.

    • schilsound says:

      I don’t think this is about most readers’ shared anti corporate sentiment; it’s about dreams.

      And for those of us who grew up reading Asimov, Heinlein, DeCamp and the rest? This made dream flights less a supposition and more a possibility, a concrete reality.

      I for one am sad to see the dreams of my youth mothballed, failures deaths and loss notwithstanding.

  6. Mavericky says:

    And in a few decades they will circle their corporate headquarters and a few oligarchs on the top floor will swoon while bystanders on the ground shrug, then go back to their gruel.

  7. relawson says:

    came to see the final “landing” video… 

    did not see the final “landing” video :(

    did see a final “decent” video, which was very high quality and nice.

  8. Space shuttle discovery.. Flies over and Lands in Washington DC! Beautiful!!

  9. penguinchris says:

    The ending of Dr. Strangelove sends a shiver down my spine every time – seems odd, but ultimately quite apt use here.

  10. txb23 says:

    Misleading headline much? Was hoping to see a video of the actual landing … which must be pretty cool to see. (That’s a hint.)

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