Crazy Decals: LSD for Lunch Bunch

If we made a Boing Boing T-shirt with this image, would you buy it?


  1. YES! But leave the “Crazy Decals” thing off, just the LSD for Lunch Bunch thing please. Oh, and on a shirt the same color as the background of it :)

  2. yep, Id probably get two, and I know my friends would be interested….  please tell me you’re serious.

  3. so i had some LSD for lunch today, in fact. i’m currently peaking and that image is already on every shirt i look at.
    but seriously… YES! I WOULD TOTALLY BUY THAT.and then i would sneak into my brother’s house and iron them on all his clothes.

  4.   I would rather have this as a bumper sticker (is it?)… imagine the space that everyone would give to your car.

      Just hope the police have a good sense of humor.

  5. It would be the first Boing Boing shirt I’ve ever bought, and will only lead to more frivolous consumption of Boing Boing goods.  Do it!

  6. That’d be a pretty long lunch, though time is an illusion, and lunchtime doubly so, and it’s really all a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey … stuff.  Shall we have lunch some time?

  7. Yes, a thousand times yes! Although I’d only buy one, I should say: a thousand mics yes. 

    PS lunch is the best time to do LSD. You still get to sleep at some point before the sun comes up.

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