Evidence of Britain's colonial crimes revealed, including orders to cover up evidence of further atrocities


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  1. Omran says:

    And people wonder why eastern coutries are suspicious of western countries with imperial pasts. There are good and bad people everywhere and I find it fustrating that our media and politicions dismiss the past as not relevant to todays politics.

    • retepslluerb says:

      Remind me, do Japan, the Aztecs and Persia count as Western powers these days?

    • Omran says:

      It was not my intention to point fingers at any group as the ‘bad’ guys with imperial pasts or otherwise. When I look at politics in the news I see a lot of what I saw in the playground as a child. The big bully does what the likes and sets the rules. His mates however small can get away pushing around other kids around because they know their big bully freind will back them up.

      However, which of us can say that if the tables turned we would not get drunk on power to some extent. We are them and they are us and, as adults, I beleive we need to take collect responsibilty for letting these things happen and then forgetting about them. We ellect our leaders once every four years and then sink back into apathy and our Facebook accounts.

  2. gerardwhelan says:

    the Beothuk native people on Newfoundland (Britain’s first Colony) no longer exist – wiped out by the Imperial forces… blankets with TB in them? outright hunting? no one cares to remember. fish and chips are still big there though…

    • suburbanhick says:

      1. The Beothuk were wiped out by other First Nations warriors (usually Mi’kmaq or Maliseet) who were hired by the British authorities to do so, and by civilian Newfoundland settlers (usually under the command of a “fishing admiral”), not by the “Imperial Forces” themselves. They left that particular dirty work to others already on the ground.

      2. The TB blankets were used against mainland nations, not the Beothuk, as the infectious diseases hospital in Halifax (where the blankets came from) hadn’t been established yet. Also, the Beothuk never entered into trading relationships with the English or the French, so they never would have had the opportunity to receive blankets even if they were available.

      Not arguing with the sentiment, but you need to get your facts straight if you want to be taken as seriously as you deserve. Try reading Ingeborg Marshal’s “A History and Ethnography of the Beothuk” for the whole sordid, sad tale. It’s a pretty dense read, but well worth the slogging through it.

      • gerardwhelan says:

        thanks. knee-jerk reaction, ‘get-the-queen-off-my-money’ response. for the record though, the corp. delegating out the shit work doesn’t make them less culpable. abstractly related: BP and Dow Chem are sponsoring the ‘most sustainable Olympics ever’ –  it’s a historical non-stop pile of bullshit, this capitalistic lie of greed based self-promotion. arrgh. 
        i want to defect to somewhere that doesn’t exist

        • suburbanhick says:

          “for the record though, the corp. delegating out the shit work doesn’t make them less culpable”

          I couldn’t agree more – just a stickler for accuracy!  ;-)

  3. koko szanel says:

    Libel! They were only fighting domestic terrorists.

  4. thedarkbackward says:

    Hey guize!


    Remember when governments had to hide the fact that they tortured and murdered people? When they couldn’t just hand-wave and claim that it was legal?

  5. They probably meant to write “be used ethically by ministers in the successor government”

  6. James says:

    A colonial power did bad things? Well I am shocked. Shocked, I tell you.

  7. notandi says:

    The trail of misery that the English Empire is second to none in the history of the world. Nothing has changed. Anywhere they can bully other countries into submission they will. Ireland, Israel, Gibraltar, Falklands, Iceland/Icesave, Egypt(artifact theft),Chagos islands the list goes on. Thieves and bullies and constantly in the believe they are in the right. 

    • Ryan_T_H says:

       Second to none? On the scale of empires I doubt that it is a notable blip. Did it do lots of bad things? Yep. Name one empire that didn’t. Right back to the Mongol Empire brutality and force have been a component of any conquering power.

      For that matter, many small individual governments continue to commit worse atrocities today. Do these acts cause less misery because they are individual instead of a single perpetrator?

      • retepslluerb says:

        The astonishing thing about the British Empire is its good reputation. It certainly wasn’t the worst, but people still act as if they had carried white man’s burden.

        • suburbanhick says:

          To paraphrase Winston Churchill: “History will be kind to me, because I intend to write the history.”

          Most of the history we read was written by white descendants of colonial powers. Not much surprise that such “history” helps the British Empire retain its good rep.

        • SomeGuyNamedMark says:

          They had a knack for finding who the different powers were in the area and playing them against each other.  Divide and conquer.  Of course the subservient winner now owed their success to the Brits and wouldn’t criticize them.

        • toyg says:

          Shall we go over that Monty Python sketch about the Romans, again?

          Every Empire that lasted more than a few months will inevitably have brought some improvements to justify their claims to legitimacy, and Britain has had colonies for quite a few decades. Arguably, India owes their current economic situation in large part to the English language imposed by their colonial masters. Singapore and HongKong would still be fishermen villages if it weren’t for the British Empire. Etc etc.

          I think the relatively benign reputation Britain still endures is because of their economic and cultural legacy balancing out their abuses (as well as some inevitable historic revisionism. of course). Compare it with Belgian, French, Dutch, Italian or German colonial histories, for example, and you’ll probably see it as well.

    • James says:

      With the exception of Ireland, you’re talking about the actions of the British Empire and not the English colonial empire. I’d hate to see the Scots left out of all the trite nation bashing.

      • Maybe that’s why there’s a push for Scottish independence. If the people in Scotland don’t get any credit for British colonial atrocities, why bother with being British?

        Although if this is the case, an independent Scotland doesn’t bode well with the world. They have 200 years of imperial atrocities to make up and they have haggis.

  8. benher says:

    I’m sure some  Big Brit Brass is pacing their office at the moment – wondering how that whole “censor the Internet initiative” is coming along

  9. travtastic says:

    The Imperial apologists will continue to note that there were accents and teacups. And that’s adorable.

  10. fergus1948 says:

    Depressing and upsetting as these shameful revelations are, I am trying to take some small comfort from the fact that at least the USA has never inflicted harm on  a foreign country or foreign person.

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