Jane Goodall and Jon Stewart hug like chimps

Last night's Jane Goodall Daily Show appearance started with a warm, chimp-style greeting.

Jane Goodall made her second appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night, and the first order of business was to make sure Jon Stewart remembered the proper chimp greeting. And then she talked about the new documentary from Disney, Chimpanzee. As you can imagine, all of this was fascinating and adorable.

Jane Goodall Was On The Daily Show Last Night and Chimp-Greeted Jon Stewart [Video]


  1. Minor nitpick:   night before last.  Not last night.  last night was Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

      1. I shouldn’t have to explain the JLD hug:  thrust palms against shoulders while shouting “get out!”

  2.  Hugging is easy.  You should hear her do her chimpanzee mating call imitations.   Jane Goodall is awesome.

  3. ..but, in deference to a million years of evolution, she did not attempt to pick fleas off him.

  4. Evolution is weird. Canada has not yet evolved to sharing American-based Jon Stewart clips on You Tube.

    1.  Ah, but is that Canada’s problem, or America’s? I can’t see it here in Australia either, perhaps it’s Everyone’s problem except America?

    2.  Just pirate the whole show instead. It’s easy and obviously what they want you to do instead of just watching a tiny clip for a few seconds.

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