On fine rum, Blackberries and iPhones

An escort involved in the Secret Service scandal explains the difference between herself and a streetwalker: “It’s like when you buy a fine rum or a BlackBerry or an iPhone. They have a different price.” [New York Times via @kaxline]


  1. Also, what kind of skeezeball cheapskate asshole tries to get an evening with an escort for thirty bucks? (Note: question is rhetorical.)

    1. No, having a long-term partner is the most expensive sex of all.


      1. I was having a conversation with some woman in a beauty supply store wherein I mentioned that I got free haircuts from the person with whom I was living.  She pinned me down with her steely gaze and said (very accurately), “Honey, those haircuts are costing you $1,000 apiece.”

        1. If you’re paying ‘$1,000 apiece’, you’re getting all that other stuff from the person you’re living with, for free.

          I’d say you’re probably ahead..er, on top…um, ‘in the black’?

  2. Never mind the morality, these guys should be fired for incompetence. How can they call themselves the secret service if they can’t even keep a frat party secret?

      1. Lord thunderin’ Jebus – I haven’t had fish n’ brewis in what seems like forever! And I’d kill for some of my old neighbour’s touton….

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