Original Prince of Persia source-code discovered, posted as free software


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  1. Ripcord2 says:

    I’ve seen this on 10 or so different sites now, and it’s funny to me that the screenshots are always from the MS-DOS port, and not the original Apple II version (which this code is for).

  2. Ripcord2 says:

    Though it is the better (and much prettier) version.

    • SoItBegins says:

      The old Macintosh (not Apple II, System ~6 Mac) version is even prettier. Better MIDI, too.

    • Ant says:

      Is that Xbox 360 version based on the original? It looks very pretty! Too bad no Windows version since I haven’t had a video game console since Atari 2600.

  3. Frank Farmer says:

    Apparently the source is incomplete, and as such not executable in its current form. https://github.com/jmechner/Prince-of-Persia-Apple-II/issues/1

    • morcheeba says:

      I don’t see the graphics included, so you can’t build it.

      But there is the source code to their copy-protection – it is obfuscated and you can see both the original source and the de-obfuscator.

      Most interesting is their  proprietary 18-sector disc format (instead of the usual 16 sector). I researched this more last night – apparently, if you slow your drive down, you can record 18 sectors that will still be readable by normal-speed drives. Not only does this get you more data on a disc, but it also means that a normal drive can’t make a copy of it.

  4. Westfakia says:

    Amazing in two ways: first, that the floppies were still readable, and secondly, that he could find a system with a working floppy drive to read them with. Bravo on both counts!

  5. regeya says:

    Haven’t looked at it yet, but I’m sure it’ll make me wish I knew assembly for the Apple II.  Coders from that era wrote code that was virtually indistinguishable from magic.

  6. morcheeba says:

    The source code isn’t well commented, but be sure to check out this awesome technical document mentioned in the README: http://jordanmechner.com/wp-content/uploads/1989/10/popsource009.pdf

  7. BarBarSeven says:

    Hey, Atari 800xL here. RESPECT!

  8. i_hack_sites says:

    1. Jump
    2. Catch the ledge
    3. Repeat

    A great game. :)

  9. MrEricSir says:

    Wonder how many lines of code a similar game in say PyGame or Love2D would come out to.

  10. This is not free software. From the readme file:

        “As the author and copyright holder of this source code, I personally have no problem with anyone studying it, modifying it, attempting to run it, etc. Please understand that this does NOT constitute a grant of rights of any kind in Prince of Persia, which is an ongoing Ubisoft game franchise. Ubisoft alone has the right to make and distribute Prince of Persia games.”

    •  But, you could in theory use the code to write, say, “Prints of Atlanta” (a platform game about a US photographer).

      That ran on an Apple II.

      • It is hard to tell. The code does not come with an actual, clearly-written license. Only the above statement. Notice he does not at all mention_distributing_ any modifications you make.

        Strictly speaking, this is not free software (nor even open source) by a long shot.

  11. digi_owl says:

    Ah Brøderbund.

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