Ubisoft sued over copyright infringement claim


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  1. binarymutant says:

    sure this lawsuit shows what’s wrong with intellectual property but I can’t help but feel like it’s karma coming back at ubisoft

  2. It’s not as if the “genetic memory” premise was new in 2003. It’s been used in countles SF stories, reaching back at least to the 50s.

    • onereader says:

      Jack London, Before Adam. 1906-1907

    • First Last says:

      That’s exactly why there’s that throw-away line at the end referencing Dune.

    • Joshua Owens says:

       You know Ubisoft wasn’t established in America, so one of their employees might have thought about this interesting storyline for a game, but failed to do his research on other media related and publications that might come similar to that. You can’t blame this on them, but its always good to make sure your invention isn’t already invented. Oh you should try reading his books as well, the information is only read in between the lines.

  3. Rick Kuester says:

    not back to the future and bill n teds’s, doctor who and bill n ted’s

  4. BDiamond says:

    A quote from Beinswenger’s synopsis … no, wait, abstract … of his novel, Link:  “The truly astonishing hypothesis, developed by Search International, suggests that at the functional center of the nucleus of every cell is an atemporal Particle of zero mass and infinite capacity for memory – a biological singularity. The same Particle is a component of every cell in the body. It is the ‘fabric of the soul.’”

    wait … What?

    • rtb61 says:

       You got it in one. The whole thing is a publicity stunt, check the publisher they are for self publishers, you pay them to publish your book no vice versa.
      Cheap publicity.

  5. Cola Johnson says:

    I was going to bring up Dune, but you beat me to it. D:

  6. Glen Able says:

    Memories locked in your genetic code?!  I think it behooves the legal system to severely punish everyone involved for this Hollywood-esque silliness.

  7. nox says:

    Wonder if it’ll drum up any sales? The Amazon reviews have been trashed.

  8. Baldhead says:

    If the first time I hear of your work is a story about a lawsuit, it better be damn original. Not sure how pissing off the fans of one of the most popular games out there is seen as good marketing strategy.

  9. bumpngrindcore says:

    Pfft, as if any of them had a genetic memory concept as attractive and awesome as Ezio. 

  10. Phil Morris says:

    this is long but here is a link for the actual court hearing that was written down and published as a pdf online 

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