Pot helps student athletes perform at high level

The Oregon Ducks won the Rose Bowl. This article says about half the team was smoking marijuana. From ESPN:
The Ducks are savoring their win over Wisconsin, Oregon's first victory in a Rose Bowl since 1917 and Chip Kelly's first postseason triumph as head coach. Earlier today, the school buzzed as the team made its victory lap around campus. Now, as one Duck relishes another kind of high, he wants to make something clear. "It's not just us," he says, taking another hit. "If you think Oregon's the only team smoking weed, you're crazy."
ESPN: "We smoked it all"


  1. Yes indeed, efficacious drugs (made by bigpharma as well as unofficial sources), allow all manner of stressful physical activity to continue where our bodies are advising us to stop and recover.  It works on the field of battle and on the gridiron, (in the home or at the office).  Drugs™… they aren’t just for the medicine cabinet anymore.

  2. It’s a winning tactic, obviously: smoke the team out before the game and then put a pizza in the endzone. 

  3. The athletes of 1917 are nowhere near the level of athlete of today. A few years later the perpetually drunk Babe Ruth would go on to smash home run records for years to come.

    Conclusion: Beer is great.

      1. Beer will help you break hitting records.
        LSD will help you do something that has only been done about 270 times.
        Pot helped a football team win a game.

        BEER > LSD > POT

        1. Sorry things negate.
          LSD can make you make extremely big mistakes with the wrong person, environment or dose.
          Beer causes a fight and wife beating every night on earth and has been the ruin of many a man.
          Weed isnt dangerous to anyone and in FACT: cancels fights, saves lives, save trees, can make clothing or anything cloth/rope, oil, gas, food, etc. for weeks…


  4. This article illustrates how out of touch ESPN is in regards to what is news. Yahoo Sports and CNNSI uncover major scandals about College Football regularly while ESPN has figured out that a University located in some of the best marijuana growing lands in the world has a higher than average pot use amongst its student-athletes. In other news, water is wet.

  5. I may play ball next fall, but I will never sign that. Now me and my loser friends are gonna head out to buy Aerosmith tickets. Top priority of the summer. 

  6. I wonder if the NCAA will vacate the win after hearing this. They get uptight about the smallest of issues.

  7. This is why I’m glad I don’t rely on 18-22 year-olds for my employment. Great season, great team, great bud, then some a-hole had to shoot his mouth off. Instant crisis for the coaching staff.

    1. Yeah, I’m sure the people of Oregon are horrified to learn that marijuana has come to their fine state. 

  8. I know for a fact that the UCLA basketball team has won championships while blazed.  But when Sports Illustrated recently wrote a story ‘exposing’ the current players for their weed-related antics, the campus went berzerk and everybody got all uptight and apologetic, promising ‘reforms’.

    UCLA needs to relax and take their cues from these ultra-chill Oregon dudes.  Accept the fact that maybe your team kicks ass *because* of the blunts.

  9. What have you been smoking? I read the piece and couldn’t find any discussion about how pot actually helps. Oh sure, it talks about the culture up in Oregon and says that some of the players smoke up, but then it has a big part about how the team is self-policing. If someone is using so much that it hurts the game, the other players crack down. 

    1. …Recently, the researchers of a study in Sports Medicine wrote that athletes claim “smoking cannabis before play helps them focus better” and increases their creativity, and prior studies have found use among athletes to decrease anxiety, fear, depression and tension…

      1. Thanks for pointing it out. It’s so small and poorly cited that I’m not surprised I missed it. The claims are ambiguous and the rest of the text makes it clear that this is something that’s only done in their off hours.

  10. Perspective from an oregonlive.com commenter Gary McAuley:

    “ESPN has just signed a national radio contract with USC. At the same time ESPN releases a scathing account of Oregon football drug habits.

    Coincidence? Maybe. But I’m hard pressed to believe ESPN would release a scathing article on USC football now that they have a business relationship. In short, ESPN reporting for West Coast football is suspect.

    They could have written that drug article on any number of schools. Instead they picked on the one school that took De’Anthony Thomas away and will challenge USC for supremacy in Pac 12 football this coming fall.”

    1. ESPN has no business interest in degrading the PAC 12, since they will be broadcasting lots of PAC 12 games. USC v. Oregon will be a huge match up for them. They’d have done better to know Boise St.

    1. I love typeface jokes… and Arj Barker. Pretty sure I saw that on TV but my performance was enhanced at the time so I’m happy to watch it again.

  11. People say pot kills braincells and makes you stupid, fact is that pot is a natural antioxidant and neuroprotectant, meaning it can protect your brains vital functions even after a stroke, brain damage, concussion, etc.  As for antioxidant, most should know what that means.
    Not only that but ingesting or smoking weed can reduce the risk of having a stroke.  We all know the rest, Glaucoma, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cancer/Aids/Chemo patients, etc.
    Marijuana currently Schedule 1 drug=”Has No Known Medicinal Uses”
    Patent #6630507 titled “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants”

    Yet today America is so pig headed and stubborn they still lie and say its right up there with heroin crack and pcp… 

    Marijuana-Used successfully for at least 10,000 years, illegal for 76 years.  Millions of arrests of good honest folks, quadrillions made for PRISONS, judges, cops, lawyers, drug importers, drug enforcers, cartels, gangs, Criminals, etc.  Hows that whole “WAR ON DRUGS” thing going? (while shoving hardcore pills down our throats leading to lawyer commercials about death)
    Now our local cities are having a problem with PILLS and “synthetic drugs” because they are easier to get then a simple joint and LEGAL.  Cant make laws fast enough to stop synthetic drugs in their tracks.  Now people are getting “bath salts” and then cutting themselves up “to get the wires out”, or standing on their house with a noose around their necks screaming that the fbi are in the woods watching them.  Sure we dont want johnny sneaking behind the woodshed to take a poke on a joint but does he need jail time and a lifetime of difficulty finding work? Or maybe just a little counseling about not doing that until he is 21??? Then again do we want johnny snorting legal bath salts and cutting himself up, or huffing cans of spray air until their brain is eaten apart? 

         But of course adults should be able to do what they please in the comfort of their own homes with their own bodies IF it has absolutely no affect on any other person on the planet now or in the future…..
    They cant even stop the real crimes that are getting worse and more frequent, yeah lets keep going after the weed smokers who wouldnt hurt a fly…

    In immortal words, “And I think to myself, what a wonderful world”

  12. Not yet convinced that this magic plant can actually enhance and improve human abilities? Here are just a few of the many highly motivated athletes whose drug of choice is cannabis/marijuana:

    * Usain Bolt, the 2008 World Record holder of the 100 and 200 meter sprint.

    * Michael Phelps, the most decorated swimmer ever with 14 Olympic gold medals.

    * Tim Linecum, the National League baseball’s Cy Young Award winner for 2009.

    * Santonio Holmes, the Super Bowl XLII’s MVP.

    * Mark Stepnoski, two-time Super Bowl champion. “I’d rather smoke than take painkillers.”

    * Randy Moss, NFL single season touchdown reception record (23, set in 2007), and the NFL single-season touchdown reception record for a rookie (17, in 1998). Moss has founded, and financed many charitable endeavors including the the Links for Learning foundation, formed in 2008.

    * Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the NBA’s all-time leader in points scored (38,387), games played, minutes played, field goals made, field goal attempts, blocked shots and defensive rebounds. During his career with the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers from 1969 to 1989, Abdul-Jabbar won six NBA championships and a record six regular season MVP Awards. He has a prescription to smoke marijuana in California, which he says he uses to control nausea and migraine headaches. He has been arrested twice for marijuana possession.

    Marijuana is used by the majority of top sportspeople everywhere:

    * “I just let him know that most of the players in the league use marijuana and I have and do partake in smoking weed in the offseason” – Josh Howard, forward for the Dallas Mavericks. Howard admitted to smoking marijuana on Michel Irvin’s ESPN show.

    * “You got guys out there playing high every night. You got 60% of your league on marijuana. What can you do?” – Charles Oakley (Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks, Toronto Raptors, Washington Wizards and Houston Rockets)

    * “I personally know boxers, body builders, cyclists, runners and athletes from all walks of life that train and compete with the assistance of marijuana,”  – WWE wrestler Rob Van Dam

    * Some of the best cricket players of all time, like Phil Tufnell and Sir Ian Botham, have admitted to regularly using marijuana to deal with stress and muscle aches. In 2001, half of South Africa’s cricket team was caught smoking marijuana with the team physiotherapist. They were celebrating a championship victory in the Caribbean.

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