Talk on the future of energy in Madison, Wisconsin


4 Responses to “Talk on the future of energy in Madison, Wisconsin”

  1. Thomas Valley says:

    Did you know that WisCon ( ) is happening at the same time in Madison?  This seems like something up your alley (i.e. authors, women, etc).

  2. Chris Burch says:

    Dang nab it, I’m going to a Brewers game that day! I never go to Brewers games! I’m a Twins fan (he add merely for pity). Shazbot.

  3. dioptase says:

    Do the Olympics know this?  Remember, they took then gave back a medal because pot wasn’t considered a performance enhancing drug.

  4. agroman says:

    I’ll see if we can drum up some more protests this time around. 

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