Welcome to the State Home for Manic Pixie Dream Girls

[Video link: Natural Disastronauts via Metafilter] Previously, at The Onion.


  1. You mean “Previously at The AV Club”.  The Onion and The AV Club are related, but they’re not the same.

    1. Unrelatedly, I saw this on Cracked a while ago, still funny anywhere it is hosted. Also the A.V. club is owned by The Onion and there was probably a link to the A.V. Club on The Onion site so that was probably why The Onion was named as the link source. Thanks for being pendantic pendantasaurus rex.

  2. I think I must be a paranoid demon nightmare girl, in contrast.

    Sorry I’m not a brunette with hipster glasses and the side of my head shaved, guys. I don’t even have a camwhoring tumblr account. 

    Actually, I’m really not sorry. :p

  3. Wowsers!…Running and playing in the rain can be dangerous with your eyes closed…i hope this disease goes on forever…it’s so cute(as long as i’m not trapped by one of these girls in a basement or something confining.

  4. As a gay semi-manic-pixie-dream-girl (dream more in the sense of daydreaming than being an object of desire), this place looks like a pretty rad place to stay.

    Can I check myself in or do I need to find some boring guy with unfair expectations of the affect I ought to have on his life?

    You can’t fix boring people, only confuse them.

    1. Finally I know how to describe my daughter’s condition.

      I was driving home from work listening to the NPR review which first proposed the trope. At the time I thought, “hmm, that sounds just like my daughter!” who was at the time six, I think.

      Over dinner I remembered this, and I said to my wife “by the way, I know what our daughter is!”

      She looked at me and offered “manic pixie dream girl?”

      Apparently she had heard the same story.

  5. The point of a manic pixie dream girl is that they aren’t actual in-depth characters.  They are a lazy prop for the male protagonist to “learn from.”  If the girls in these films were real, they would actually be mentally challenged, and would wind up living in a home like this. I have my manic pixie moments, but my husband assures me that I am *NOT* a manic pixie dream girl because I am not *always* in the moment.  He also reassures me that I’m not mentally challenged–I’m bat-sh*t crazy.  I do dance in the rain sometimes, I like The Smiths, and I eat pancakes for dinner quite often.  But I am a real human being.  I take a muti-vitamin, I eat vegetables from time to time, and I am actually the one in our relationship who pays the bills and does the taxes.  When I try to pay a taxi-driver in buttons, odds are I’m joking.  Unless I’ve forgotten my meds . . .

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