Iranian finance/tech manager publishes 3,000,000 bank accounts' details and PINs


17 Responses to “Iranian finance/tech manager publishes 3,000,000 bank accounts' details and PINs”

  1. desperado says:

    Fun times we live in.

  2. David Flink says:

    He is now the most wanted man in Iran!

  3. mccrum says:

    Well, thankfully that could never happen here in these United States of America!

    Um, right?

  4. Jay Converse says:

    Christ, what an asshole.

  5. Thorzdad says:

    I get that security flaws need to be revealed and fixed, but I really have a big problem in distributing innocent customers’ information like that. The security flaw isn’t their doing. If anything, he should have gotten the information of all the bank executives and IT heads who ignored his discovery and published only those.  Leave the customers out of it.

    • desperado says:

      Well, what he DID do was guarantee the issue would be dealt with, and in a manner that no customers would lose money from the exploitation of the issue.

      Unfortunately, they can’t get at their own money though.

  6. Fenrox says:

    haha! Thats cool.

  7. BladeMcCool says:

    If only the people of Iran had a value transfer system they could use that was not dependent on centralized institutions, they could avoid the pain of having their personal info compromised. Too bad nobody invented p2p money based on a cryptographically secured public ledger or something like that.

  8. andygates says:

    If that happened here, I’d be storming the doors of my bank, and if it happened in America there’d be a class-action suit the likes of which even God has never seen. 

    It’ll be interesting to watch how this plays out.  I expect the banks to paint Zarefarid as a hax villain, to divert all the blame onto his made-up elite skillz, and also to not fix a damn thing. Unless threatened with bottom-line impact or boardroom jail time, corps don’t move.

  9. I’m sure he’s been executed by now…

  10. el dueno says:

    Another CIA plot?

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