Ma'amite is Jubilee Marmite

Even a hard-hearted, card-carrying Republic member like me can't help but smile at Ma'amite, a Jubilee-commemorating rebranding for the tarry brown semi-edible (entirely delicious) substance Marmite.

Limited Edition Ma’amite


  1. Glad to hear you like Marmite Cory!  It’s a choosey product amongst the locals, outsiders generally treat it as an alien substance.

    The extra strong variety is the best, it’s actually just the old Marmite, when it was less runny.

    1. At an Australia Day festival where I live I was offered a cracker spread with Marmite. I was told, “Because you’re an American you probably won’t like this.”

      The young man who offered it to me was quite surprised when I said, “Hey, that’s really good. Could I please have another?” And then I bought three jars since, at the time, the annual Australia Day festival was the only place I knew to buy Marmite.

      Luckily now my local grocery carries it in their “International” section. I don’t think they carry the extra strong variety, though. I should request that. 

        1. I was offered Marmite, but they also had Vegemite. I was told they were very similar, and when I tried the Vegemite I couldn’t really tell a difference.

      1. I am Venezuelan, and I loved marmite when I tasted it in England. Unfortunately, I cannot get it anymore, neither here in Chile or back in Venezuela. 

      2. It is a special edition so unlikely :(

        Guinness marmite is the best of all time, but no longer around unfortunately.

        Never tried champagne marmite though.

    1.  Rob – do you order online?  Care to share your source?  The only thing local grocery stores carry is laughably small 50g jars.

      1. Yes, please do tell!!

        For those who would like an alternate way to enjoy Marmite: stir it into hot water for a warm, non-caffeinated drink.

  2. great bit of marketing (gods I hate myself for saying that) – and yes the monarchy should be kept in cages, bred (inter – as normal) periodically and forced to cage fight to the death; with pay per view tickets sold worldwide to fix the UK cash money shortage…but what is all this weird Marmite machismo going on? 2x, 4x where will it end?

      1. absolutely – as long as it’s painful and serves to highlight that wearing a crown and eating fox sweetbreads can only result in misery for all concerned (especially the fox)

  3. I know that Marmite was, at least originally, a by-product of brewing process but I was wondering: is the yeast in Marmite “spent” or “dead” or is it still “alive”? I’ve heard of people using it for making bread & their home brews which is why I ask.

      1. Thanks… That makes sense. I’ve always had the suspicion when I’ve read those recipes that the Marmite did nothing more than add an extra flavour kick.

  4. Something doesn’t sound right about the subtitle on the label, “100% British Yeast”

  5. We have a small shop in our historic Main Street section where I live that sells all things imported from Britain and I tried Marmite and loved it! Time to get some more…

  6. Ma’amite: “100% British yeast”  

    Since when does yeast have a nationality and are they subjects of the Queen?

  7. “… He just smiled and gave me a marmite sandwich.”

    Yeah, it’ll work, where do I sign up?

  8. One of my university housemates was Australian, and her mother used to send her bottles of Marmite and Vegemite in ‘care packages’. I saw it in the ‘fridge and tried some on toast once – hey, it was in a bottle and I was hungry – Lord, I thought I’d eaten fermented cat shit that someone had put in there as a cruel practical joke.

  9. But but but… according to protocol, ‘ma’am’ is correctly pronounced ‘mam’, not ‘marm’, I believe. So this makes no bloody sense at all. Bit like the monarchy really.

      1. Absolutely. I believe one receives instructions in the correct pronunciation and form of address before being presented to Her Maj! Lizzie! Mrs Windsor! Oi you! (Of course, part of her training is to ignore gaffes – so you can never fucking win!)

  10. I love Marmite. But seriously, all they’ve done is made a ‘Bovril’ Jar. That advertising company is really earning its keep!

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