Mule-based bookmobiles for remote Venezuelan communities


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  1. semiotix says:

    Rural illiteracy, my ass!

  2. Sekino says:


    I want a reason to yell that out loud, myself! Awesome concept all around!

  3. Not legal advice. Don't rely. says:

    Ancient proverb: The donkey bears the mysteries.  

    Trust the Beeb to still have some classicists on staff.

  4. I swear I’ve seen this mule in an episode of Go Diego Go.

    No, wait… that was a llama.

  5. gwailo_joe says:

    that mule is no fool

  6. M Alovert says:

    There was an amazing instance of this in the US during the Depression, as a Works Projects Administration project employing women as horseback librarians to bring books to extremely remote Kentucky communities:

  7. joeposts says:

    A pro-literacy mule? Now I have seen everything. 

  8. Anyway, much better a biblo-mule than a coke-mule.

    • juepucta says:

      You try swallowing a dozen books to be able to board a plane! Much worse, think of when time comes to get them out.

  9. I can’t believe I’m the first comment with this. So, do they have Don Quixote?

  10. Guido says:

    I am really glad to see this! Universidad Valle del Momboy was a spin off from some people on my high school, not too long ago, and they have grown, and started awesome projects like this. They go to remote, isolated areas in the mountains of Truillo, high in the andes, without access to many things that children in places like Valera lack. And Valera is a backwards, small city. The world is still full of this kind of places, where the old methods are still useful, where the culture is still old and changing little by little. Soon people living in those places, with the help of mules will have access to us, and I wonder what they’ll have to say to the beautiful mess we have created in the Internet.

  11. jeligula says:

    Very awesome. 

  12. Gyrofrog says:

    They’ve been doing something similar in Ethiopia:

  13. jrustenhoven says:

    oddly enough we read a book on the subject (from our very conventional library) just this weekend 

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