Tokyo reporter orders 2.7kg bacon Whopper with 1050 slices of bacon

When the Tokyo Burger King stores announced a "15 strips of bacon on your burger for ¥100 (~$1.25)" promotion, Mr Sato, a reporter for Rocket News 24 ordered 105 slices of bacon on his burger. Apparently, Mr Sato ate the "grotesque agglomeration of ketchup-soaked meat about 3 times the size of the regular whopper" and then rushed home to recuperate.

To see how far they could push it, the newsroom sent Mr Sato back to order a burger with 1,050 slices of bacon. 2 hours later, the 2.7kg treat was presented to him, with an estimated caloric load of 14,300.

Before going to work on the burger, Mr. Sato once again began his primal ritual of psyching himself up, shouting: “This is what real hamburger lovers eat! 10 strips? 100 strips? Like that’s enough! A real man needs 1050 strips of bacon!”

Mr. Sato then plunges his face into the top of the burger, holding on to the top bun and a layer of bacon below the beef patty for support. Eventually he runs out of burger to supplement his bacon and simply begins stuffing bacon into his mouth by the fistful, all the while ranting: “Delicious! This is what meat is all about! This is the taste of a real hamburger!”

But you’re only eating bacon…

In any case, thanks to Mr. Sato’s gluttony, we have learned that there is seemingly no limit to the amount of bacon you can add to a Whopper. Or maybe it’s because this is Japan and they’re just that dedicated to their customers; we’re not sure if we could walk into a Burger King in America and expect the same level of service…

Burger King Japan Offering 15 Bacon Strips for $1 So We Order Whopper With 105 Bacon Strips

We Order Whopper With 1050 Bacon Strips, Struggle to Level Comically Huge Burger

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  1. Japan has thrown down the gauntlet. Prepare for a follow-up news story about an even more disgusting meat concoction on this side of the Pacific.

      1. I look forward to seeing a “Double Down” with both 1050 strips of bacon and an equal number of chicken patties and processed cheese slices.

        On second thought…no, I don’t. Even the thought of a regular Double Down makes me ill.

        1. The Double Down is basically a cheapened chicken cordon bleu, if you think about it.

          And, IIRC, it’s not even the least healthy “mainstream” (as in non-custom) fast food sandwich.

      2. Pfffft, the Double Down is minor league. Real men eat the Quad Down McGangbang: A McChicken between the burger patties of a McDouble, lovingly embraced between two Double Down “buns.”

        Ah, but were heaven to have a flavor…

  2. If I’m going to eat 1050 strips of bacon, I’m going to cook them properly.  This bacon is way underdone.

    1. As a child, I actually thought I didn’t like bacon… turns out my dad just burnt the shit out of it. I remember the first time I had breakfast at a friend’s place and took a piece just to be polite. It was a life-changing experience.

      1. I had a similar experience with pork chops. I had no idea they weren’t supposed to have the texture of shoe leather and taste like sand.

  3.  Surely we are missing some kind of scaffolding supporting that monstrosity? I fail to see how it’s supporting itself.

    1. I fail to see how it’s supporting itself.

      Must be one of those government pork-barrel projects we keep hearing about.

  4. did it come with free indigestion and anti-cholesterol medication?

    There really used to be a greasy spoon caff in Bristol that gave you two antacid tablets if you ordered the biggest fry up breakfast. Thats looking after your customers.

    1. That’s because bacon has the opposite effect: eating it gives you life.
      This man is aiming to become immortal, although in my books he already

    2. Kudos on the toxicology ref for bacon :p

      On a slightly more serious note, the LD50 for table salt appears to be 3000 mg/kg, leading me to believe that the reporter’s “recuperation” at home consisted primarily of regurgitation to prevent sodium poisoning.

      1. That much grease may have caused the whole mass to avalanche through his gut barely digested.

  5. The article calls it customer service, but that’s somewhere between enabling behavior and assisted suicide.

    1. I have a feeling that it’s a special case- this isn’t “some guy”, it’s someone who is ostensibly a reporter of some kind, who probably spent some time convincing the staff that it was for their website, phoning ahead to ensure they had enough stock, etc and not something he’s coming in to order because it’s what he wants to eat.

      On top of that, it is wilfully absurd- there was this time friend was in one of those arcades where the machines give out tickets for prize redemption- having collected so many tickets- enough to get something of the lower-mid tier of ‘prize’ , but instead he spent all his tickets (the better part of a thousand) on the penny sweets that cost one ticket apiece.

      The better part of 1000 tickets gets you a number of sweets measured in “wholesaler boxes”. All of which he got, as the attendants tried their best not to wet themselves laughing- realistically, if he’d come along with about two hundred, he’d probably be turned away, or guided towards a bigger prize, but having gone almost all the way to a kiloticket, he got the sweets.

      Admittedly, sweets last forever, and he wasn’t going to attempt to eat all of them in one go as with this baconstack, but it’s much the same. Refuge in audacity, as I think TV Tropes called it.

      I think realistically you’d struggle to actually buy one of these in real life, somehow.

      1. I would have replied something about the burger being a Lovecraftian horror. (Better parallelism :-)

  6. Science recognizes that in nature, many plants, insects and animals have evolved to be toxic to predators as a defense mechanism.

    How many heart attacks will it take before men figure out that hamburger and bacon are just very-slow-acting toxins?

    At least blowfish is a relatively quick death.

  7. “I’m worried that what you heard is, ‘I’d like a lot of bacon and eggs.’
    What I said was, ‘I want all the bacon and eggs you have.'” – Ron Swanson

  8. This is sick, but now I want a bacon whopper. Way to push the evolutionary salt/sweet/fat brain buttons, guys! NOM NOM NOM.

  9. 14,300 Calories? Someones math is way off. There are a lot more than 14 calories in a slice of bacon. How about a 140,000 calorie burger?

    1. Not so: the upper limit for calories in 2.7kg of food is around 24,000.

      They’re just small rashers.

      1.  yeah – very good.  old biochem rule o’ thumb:  the highest digestible calorie density is in fat: 9.4 kcals/gram.  (carbohydrates and protein coming in at mere 4)  so: 2.7*1000*9.4 => 25,380 (food) calories .  that would be the upper limit if the whole hellish thing were a tower of pure fat… which doesn’t look that far off.

  10. This is also the country that brought you the Windows 7 whopper.

    Of course, that was just a seven patty Whopper, using full-size Whopper patties (IIRC, the normal Japanese Whopper patty is the Jr. patty), so it was easy to get a US Burger King to do it.

    Never again.

    (Fun fact: A 7-patty whopper can strip car paint.)

    1. I like that you still took the pickle out. As if you would have been able to taste it with all that fat and ‘meat’ coating your mouth and throat.

  11. It’s not bacon but here is a video of a guy I know ordering and then eating a BK stacker with 8 patties.

  12. I am less amazed by the restaurant’s making of this abomination than I am by the reporter’s actual attempt to consume it O.o

  13. Meanwhile as we watch “Man Vs Food” and witness the gluttony like this story and are amused by it – people on this planet are starving to death.

    That, more than the thought of the absurdly layered bacon burger here…makes me sick.

    1. There are millions of bodybuilders eating that much food every day. I’m willing to cut some slack to a reporter who’s doing a story on over-consumption.

    2. While scrolling down, I was surprised it took so long to find a mention of the vulgarity known as “Man vs Food”.

      But it’s not the people on this planet are starving to death angle so much, as I suppose transporting bacon from, say Memphis, to a village in Zimbabwe, just cannot be done in a practical manner nor in time.  What gets to me here is the celebration of horrifying eating habits, “Walmart nation” with the electric scooters and whatnot.

      On a positive note, an excellent show on the Travel Channel is “Bizarre Foods”.  Due to the nature of his expeditions, the Zimmern guy goes beyond the superficial and finds real insights into the human condition, wherever he eats.

  14. If you subtract 500g for the patties, lettuce, etc, that leaves 2,200g of bacon divided by 1,050 – so bacon strips weighing some 2g each.   Yeesh!  Bacon should be sliced thick, not proscuitto-thin.

  15. Why not just make a pork smoothie? You’ll absorb it faster….
    And is it just me, or does this thing look like it’s vomiting?

  16. ““This is what real hamburger lovers eat!”

    No. . . that is what real BACON lovers eat.  If you wanted bacon, justt order bacon, stop using the burger as an excuse.

  17. Is it me, or does anyone else count only count 1048 slices of bacon in the picture?  I think he got shorted.

  18. I know the internet is all about bacon, but that thing is like a bacon cheeseburger as interpreted by H. R. Giger.

  19. Could have been worse. In Scotland they’d have deep fried it for him.

    *recalls delicious deep fried peperoni pizza*

  20. Has no one else seen the In-N-Out 100×100 cheeseburger?

    If you’re not familiar with In-N-Out’s “secret menu”, you can ostensibly order any combination of burger patties and cheese slices. A common one is the 4×4 – that’s four burger patties and four slices of cheese.

    After a couple of jokers (at the link) ordered a 100×100 in Las Vegas (I’ve been to an In-N-Out in Vegas and they seem much less… regulated than the typical SoCal ones), and got it, and tried to eat it.

    Because of that, apparently, official company policy now is that a 4×4 is enough for anybody.

    Personally I can’t eat more than a standard Double-Double so I’ve never ordered anything bigger.

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