Lamb and girl butt heads

[Video Link] But neither the lamb nor the young woman are buttheads.

More at Camels and Friends, and here's their YouTube channel. I liked this video a lot, too.

(via Clayton Cubitt)


  1. As I was leaving the state fair I saw some kid goats playfully head butting each other.  I knew I was being an idiot but I lowered my head to one of them fully expecting to get a concussion.  Instead the kid turned and ran as fast as it could.  I feel bad having scared it but I’m also glad I didn’t get any lumps on my head.

    1.  Well, you have to look at it from a kid goat’s perspective. “Ok, lemme see here, headbutt him, headbutt her, headbutt him again, already headbutted that other one, now ima headbutt h… OMG WTF IS THAT HUGE THING NOOOOOOOO!!!!”

  2. While this is cute, I will tell you it will eventually lead to heartache, and a possible Concussion. Speaking from experience… Years ago My Mother bought me a Pygmy goat. I brought it home and My Wife and Daughter fell in love with Him. We named him Gruff. He was perky, jumpy and full of energy. We kept him inside and treated him like a puppy dog. All was fine at first. My Daughter played the headbutting game with him all the time. Jump forward a year or two, and gruff really bloomed. We found out the hard way, he was not a pygmy. Here’s the clue… All goats are pygmy’s when they are babies. Gruff grew to a normal size Goat. Probably 4 feet tall at the head and about 100 lbs or so. We moved him to a pen outside, with a triangular house, he could climb and jump up on top of. He had a swinging tire. The pen we made him was partially under the house deck. It was several feet off the ground, and afforded him shade in the heat of summer. What was his favorite thing to do? Headbutt the pylons of the Deck. They’d resound so hard you could hear it in the house. When my Daughter tried to play with him like in the old days; He headbutted her and knocked the living piss out of her. We realized then that his natural aggressive instincts had kicked in, and He had matured to a seasoned Goat. Once that happened, you could not play with him anymore. He was feral in behaviour. The last time my daughter tried to play with him, he kncked her down and then headbutted her and tore her pants open. I loved that Goat but we ended up taking to a friend that owns a goat farm. He is much happier now, and has a herd of goats to mess around with, and he’s sired several kids out there.

    1. We had a similar experience with our Pygmy goats (real Pygmy). We thought it was cute playing the head-butt game with the baby goats, but then we learned the hard way that even pygmy goats can hurt you once they grow up. We couldn’t go into the pen without the male goat wanting to “play” with us. Ouch, my poor legs…

      The lesson here is never to teach them that a human is a goat :)

  3. The mountains skipped like rams, the hills like lambs!
    Psalm 114:4
    Which now sounds more fun and less of a non sequitur now that I’ve seen a lamb skip.

  4. I remember the lambs on our farm utterly traumatizing a visiting dog when one of them popped him with a head butt – not what he was expecting at all.

  5. Lams are very cute at the brand new suckling stage, but within a month or three they transform into belligerent, loud, stupid four legged eating machines that are basically the opposite of cute.  It is also when they are usually about ready to become lambchops.

  6. The girl is cute and so is the lamb but if she keeps playing with the lamb for very much longer she’ll be taking a trip to the hospital to have the lamb removed from her forehead after it gets a little stronger.


    I swear, every state in the US has houses with that EXACT interior, with only minor exceptions like window and door placement.

  8. As a goat farmer, in the middle of kidding season, I was really hoping for something incredibly cute and original here, but instead i’m just typing this on the front porch with my little la mancha doeling, persephone, perched on my shoulder, eating a slice of cheese pizza that her mom and me produced.

    fuck that lamb. this is way better.

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