Vintage photo-portraits remade as superheroes


7 Responses to “Vintage photo-portraits remade as superheroes”

  1. inkfumes says:

    applesauce! These chromogenic prints are the cat’s meow, and that dames real dolled up… a real bearcat see?

  2. snagglepuss says:

    …Which one’s Stan Lee ?

  3. PhosPhorious says:

    “Holy Tintype, Batman!  The Time Master has trapped us in the past!  How will we ever get back to our own time!?!?”

    “Shut up, Robin. . .  just. . .  shut up. . . “

  4. lunaticg says:

    Maybe they’re the old superheroes.., the unknown avengers….

  5. TheMightyMona says:

    Lifting a concept popularized by Mr. Brainwash.
    Wrap your head around that art world!

  6. Matt Bailey says:

    Similar to Alex Gross’ work:

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