Actor playing Judas dies after stage hanging

"Klimeck was re-enacting the scene in which Judas commits suicide in repentance for his betrayal of Jesus Christ. Police are investigating the apparatus that was meant to support Klimeck. It appears the knot may have been wrongly tied." [BBC]


    1.  It’s happened a disturbing number of times in the past, actually. I think the TV tropes website or Snopes or something has a list somewhere of dead Judases.

  1. If I showed this article to my mom, she’d go “SEE! This PROVES that there is a GOD, and he…that he…..I don’t know, SOMETHING….”

    I swear – I took her to see “Raiders Of The Lost Ark” in the theaters, and when Todt turns to goo, she turned to me and said “NOW do you believe in god?”

    My mom. Nice lady, but don’t let her work on your brakes, know what I mean ?

  2. Gaaah!  That’s a personal nightmare – not that exact scene necessarily, but the general case of a stage death scene actually killing the actor (hanging, stabbing, blank gun, fall…)

    1. Trusting your technical crew to protect your safety is not Darwin award-worthy.  They may have made a mistake, or the safety device may have failed, but if that’s worthy of a Darwin award, then so is driving the speed limit as you approach an intersection, trusting that your car’s brakes will enable you to stop, since you take the car to the mechanic on a fairly regular basis, but they end up failing anyway.

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