All you ever wanted to know about beards

Check out this fantastic infographic detailing the history, majesty and power of beards. [geekosystem]


  1. I get to trim once a week instead of shaving every morning, it keeps my face warm in the winter and the sun off of it in the summer PLUS it keeps away the superficial? Where do I sign up?

    The US needs a bearded president. It’s been about 130 years since the last one. It can even be a bearded lady!

    1.  Yeah, I started shaving early and always hated it. Trimming every now and then is no fuss.

      Also, I get really nice compliments from Asian people. My favourite was from an older Japanese couple who spoke no English and he had a scraggly moustache. He took my photograph, then made a beard gesture and then gave two thumbs up right next to his cheeks.  I was an interesting native!

      On a side note, in my experience, all the ladies who like my beard have bearded fathers. So I tend to end up with the daughters of oddballs, which suits me.

  2. I personally find beards to be much softer than shaven skin. I hated when my significant other had to shave for his job, there was a tiny plus side when he was laid off. I told him to get a job he didn’t have to shave for. He keeps his beard very trim and nice looking.

    I can’t imagine people finding him intimidating. He’s very soft spoken and seems to be one of those guys everyone instantly likes. 

    Once on a weekend trip to Omaha, a young man yelled out a car window at him “AWESOME BEARD”. Ha. 

  3. What, no mention of “The Beard“?  Fie.

    I grew a monster beard for a few years on the theory (espoused by Castro, if you’ve ever seen Oliver Stone’s documentary) that it would save me all that bother in shaving. In actuality, I spent all the extra time washing and conditioning it, not to mention going through a bottle of each every week. Now I just run a clipper over my head and face once a week, to generally positive reviews from mildly adventurous women…

  4. Interesting the perception of bearded fellows as being less generous – I associate beards with hippies, academics, and the like.  Those people I would stereotype to be more generous, even if the money they have to share may be less.

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