Old space-themed kids' medicine box-art

Here's a lovely gallery of old space-themed Rediplete "pediatric syrup" box-art. It's very Mary Blair-esque. Present and Correct notes that it is "via Flickr" but I can't locate a link on the site to the Flickr account where it was found -- if you know, please add to the comments so I can attribute correctly.

Update: this looks like it!, thanks, Uglyredhonda)

A spoonful of sugar. (via The Dieline)


  1. I read the headline as “Old Spice-themed”, which would be a very strange thing to bring to market.

    “Hello kids, look at your sniffles, now back to me…”

  2. found same flickr account as others, used http://www.tineye.com/search/d9ae2f7767ee10be52d873e8094a911f454e5397/

  3. It really bothers me when people do things like put a “via Flickr”, as if that means anything without a link. It’s worse than if they had just not bothered to attempt an attribution.

  4. Sorry for the lack of link, I did think it was done. Flickr is very vague! It has been updated accordingly :-)

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