Pizza Hut introduces a food-like pizza ringed with fractal cheeseburgers

Pizza Hut Middle East is pushing the envelope of edibility with their "royal" Crown Crust Pizza, which is a kind of hub-and-spoke bread-thing with cheeseburgers or chicken-cheeseburgers studded around a central, pizza-like wheel. A pair of suitably horrific TV ads round out the chimeric, what-hath-man-wrought motif.

Crown Crust Pizzas Add Cheeseburger & Chicken Fillet Gems to Crust (via Geekologie)


  1. When the cheese-stuffed crust came out, they said it would be years before they found a new place to put cheese. That day has come, and I am glad. Rejoice!

  2. We had a patient who owned a pizza place.  His family brought us special pizzas every day that were about two inches deep and filled with every imaginable kind of meats and cheeses.  Life has seemed a little pale since then.

    1. I don’t know what you do for a living, but based on this comment alone I’m going to guess it’s in the cardiology field.

    2.  When I was still living in Montreal, there was an Italian deli about a block away.  They made a ‘kitchen sink’ pizza with tomatoes/paste, onions, and the chopped-up butt ends of all the deli meats.   Two bucks for a square and your lunch was taken care of.

      1. i live in montreal and where is this?! sounds suspiciously like a pendeli’s creation.

        1.  NDG Patisserie, 515 Provost, in (formerly) Lachine.
          I haven’t been in years, but according to Streetview, it’s still there.

  3. Personally, I find basic Pizza Hut products to be well beyond the “envelope of edibility”. This just makes me want to hurl.

  4. Appropriate that they call it “Royal”. It looks like something that would be served to Henry VIII.

  5. If these are what they look like in the ADS, I’m not even tempted to find out what they’ll look like when you order one…

  6. So I guess the next step would be replacing the burgers in the crust with a ring of tiny pizzas, and each of the tiny pizzas could have a tiny cheese stuffed crust.

      1. “Yes, I’d like a recursive Crown Carnival to depth level 6, and umm… Lyapunov exponent 1.2, with extra eigenvectors. Oh! And extra cheese.”

  7. This is very similar to some of the Pizza Hut products in China. I’ve eaten stuff that resembles those pictures (including some with a ring of shrimps) in Shenzhen and Xi’an.

    Of course in China, Pizza Hut is an up-market restaurant….

  8. That’s all well and good, but if I can’t order one completely smothered in rich, creamery butter, then they can go to hell.

  9. And I thought Japanese pizzas were weird, with their squid ink, mayonnaise, potato slices and sweet corn…

  10. And for those days when you can’t decide AYAM or KEJU*, Pizza Hut Indonesia has your back with THEIR Crown Crust

    For some reason I’ve always found international commercials of familiar restaurants fascinating. Spent a happy afternoon Googling Filipino McDonalds commercials once. 

    *chicken or cheese

  11. great, like we aren’t already a bunch of fat fucks. that said, if the cheeseburger had cheddar and not american “cheese”, I’d eat that evil sexy yummy crap

      1. *Only applies if you live at the summit of a Rocky Mountain, and your bike is a steel-framed single-speed cruiser.

  12. I can think of no better occasion to say:

    “What the . . . I can’t even . . .”

    These horrors are the pizza equivalent of those gelatin mold “salads” that contain sliced cucumbers, chunks of fish, cheese and cherry tomatoes.

  13. Ignignokt: Tell me.. Were there Weenie Wraps?
    Meatwad: Microwavable, but Weenie Wraps none-the-less.
    Ignignokt: Weenie Wraps intrigue me.
    Meatwad: Yep. And they have Burger Drops-
    Master Shake: Burger Drops?!
    Meatwad: -and burrito cakes-
    Master Shake: I thought they stopped making those.
    Meatwad: -and pizza balls
    Master Shake: Pizza balls?!
    Ignignokt: Were there Lil’ Turkey Muffins?
    Meatwad: They have Lil, regular and mega.

    ((nutz… it’s either individual paragraphs or the font from satan’s underwear drawer))

  14. First, when you can’t decide between pizza and a hot dog.
    Very soon after, when you can’t decide between pizza and a burger.

    This ain’t fractal, this is spiral.  Spiral downwards…

  15. Can we stuff hotdogs into the crust around the cheeseburgers? That spot looking a little too barren of meat-product right now.

  16. Put that on the table in front of a bunch of college kids at 11 p.m. and it will disappear faster than a balloon at a porcupine’s birthday party.

  17. This made my day – funny Boing Boing comment threads are the best on the internet. There needs to be a way to Like a thread in general, and those with the most likes can be read somewhere…FOREVER.

  18. Those are so royal, I can just picture the Queen of England sinking her 3rd teeth into one of these suckers. Nevertheless, “royal” doesn´t do it for me anymore, since I, as a truly discerning customer, don´t go for anything less than “premium”.

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