Room with a View

Photo: Xeni Jardin

The view from an ocean-facing window at the home of Boing Boing publisher-at-large Jason Weisberger, improved by his 5-year-old daughter with stickers. We had a Boing Boing meeting here.

Photo: Xeni Jardin


    1. Funny thing, when you have a view like that from your house for years, it becomes part of the background for the most part, except when exceptional stuff occurs, such as the moon and its’ reflection, a fluorescent algae bloom, an approaching wall of fog, dolphins-seals-and-whales-oh-my, etc.  But even on non-eventful days, it’s there and most certainly influences the daily rhythm of life.

      When having such a view (and all it implies) really sinks in, is when you’re yanked away from it, which disrupts all sort of internal stuff that’s taken for granted.  One example, sleeping elsewhere, without that familiar sound of waves coming and going.

  1. At last. A post with dogs in it. I was almost thinking that you need to be infected with toxoplasma gondii to be allowed to read boingboing. Glad to know the daughter is not afflicted yet.

  2. At last!  A View From Your Window contest on BB!

    For a moment there I thought this was the Ensenada bay, but it’s not.  That seems to be a peninsula in the background, and I can’t recall any such thing in the Los Angeles area.  In what general vicinity is this, Xeni?

      1. Holy cow, looks like the wind knocked that tree down.  But on the second shot, the surviving tree looks as if the air is kind of still. That was one hell of a gust.

        Are all pictures so far from the same residence on the same date?  And when the tree fell, the BB staff just happened to be there?

        Anyway, Santa Ana winds on one side, the ocean on the other, gotta be in the Malibu/Pacific Palisades area, I just can’t remember the Palos Verdes peninsula being so prominent from there.

        1. @awjt:disqus @niktemadur:disqus Antinous lives in Palm Springs, and the picture he provided looks like Palm Springs (and does not look like Malibu or Pacific Palisades). I think his wording may have been confusing but he’s not saying it’s the same house as in Xeni’s photos. 

          Jason Weisberger lives in the SF area. After a surprisingly small amount of internet sleuthing because this discussion made me curious, I found the address – the house is in Sausalito and the aerial view on Google confirms it because of that large rock in Xeni’s photo.

          1. Sounds like you’d be good at Andrew Sullivan’s weekly VFYW contest.

            Sausalito, damn!  Within spitting distance from Marin Joe’s in Corte Madera.  Lucky bastard…

          2. @niktemadur:disqus Yeah the site I found the address on lists property tax info, which gives you an idea of how much the house is worth and it’s quite a lot. My search also turned up his LinkedIn profile though, and it explains that he’s involved in a lot of different things besides BB and I’m sure he’s worked quite hard over the years to make his money :)

        2. We were having a wind storm, and I just thought, “That tree’s going down.”  So I grabbed my camera and took a photo.  And then it went down a few seconds later and I took another photo.  Five trees. most of them 50 footers went down within ~ 30 feet of my deck that day.  The smaller tree in the second picture is the little, dark one in the background in the left photo.  The other tree in the foreground went down art the same time as the big eucalyptus.

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