Super Mario condensed to one screen/level


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  1. Seto says:

    I never realized just HOW annoying a Mario look-alike can be without some of the core mechanics I’m used to  (e.g. flowers don’t spawn when you are on top of them, etc).

  2. miasm says:

    addictive. I’ve become enamored with platformers recently.
    Super Meat Boy is fun and then there’s IWBTG. (I wanna be the guy).
    Started playing it last week.
    I’m on the second screen.

  3. retchdog says:

    the jumping is weird and i just broke the game on 2-1 by grabbing the flagpole on the wrong side (since here you can overjump and miss the flagpole, as opposed to the original). argh! i did it again on 2-2.

    second edit: impressive for being done in 48 hours, but it’s like it’s missing everything that was actually fun in SMB while including many of the things that are annoying.

    • historydenier says:

       Not a nit-pick, just some trivia.

      In Japan’s version of Super Mario Bros 2 (Lost Levels in the US), which is graphically nearly identical to the original, you could overshoot the flag pole with Luigi fairly easily. Sometimes it would be nothing, sometimes it would be a secret, and sometimes it would shoot you back 2 levels to 4-1… grrrrrrrr.

  4. dagfooyo says:

    Yeah I was super disappointed in this game until I noticed it was done as an entry for a 48-hour game challenge.  Reasonably decent for 48 hours.
    Still it serves to show what a great game the original SMB was by comparison.

  5. Rob Speer says:

    2052: Students are annoyed that their boring classics teacher makes them play old games like Super Mario Brothers, so they play the Cliff’s Notes instead.

    Of course, they run the risk of failing a pop speedrun.

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