Alan Turing's obituaries


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  1. chellberty says:

    The losses to Mathematics and technology because of his premature death is insurmountable.

  2. Rindan says:

    I get a little weepy whenever I think of Alan Turing.  His contributions to math and computer science can not be underestimated.  On top of those great achievements, he is probably responsible for more saved lives than any other single human during World War II.  The months or years he shaved off the war with his code breaking efforts saved countless lives on all sides. For those things along, he is more than deserving of our highest esteem and praise.

    What makes me ill is how this great man was treated.  A man he was having relations with committed a crime and Turing dutifully turned him in.  In the course of the investigation Turing explained his relation and was promptly charged for having gay sex, which was a crime at the time.  The government offered up probation and chemical castration or jail.  He took castration.  Not much long after he killed himself.

    A guy who made epic contributions to science and saved millions got castrated by the government he worked to protect when attempting to do the right thing and turn in a criminal.  Why?  Because he was gay.

    If that isn’t tragic and disgusting, I don’t know what is.  Every time I hear that douche bag Santorum and his worthless ilk spew their hateful bullshit, I think of Alan Turing.

  3. Darmawan Saputra says:

    The losses to Mathematics and technology because of his premature death is insurmountable.

  4. tw1515tw says:

    FYI A Wrangler is someone who gets a First in their final and penultimate years of their Maths degree at Cambridge University. I know this because a friend of mine is a Wrangler and he takes great delight in implying he used to round up horses in the Wild West.  

  5. niktemadur says:

    Mr Alan Turing helped save countless lives through his efforts in the Enigma Project. For this achievement alone, Mr Turing must from now on be referred to as Sir Alan.

    Because Her Majesty feels She MUST be bound by a value system BEFORE the existence of the machine gun, the submarine, the bomb dropped from the air and the rocket, Mr Turing should NOT be, from now on, referred to as Sir Alan.

    Any questions?

    • niktemadur says:

      Yeah I know I’m crossing the chronological wires for emotional purpose, but what’s right is right.

      BTW, kudos to Jaron Lanier, who’s championed the Turing cause forever. It was during a train ride from Zurich to Munich in 1995 when I first read about Turing in a magazine, the article was by Mr Lanier.

  6. iCowboy says:

    I didn’t know he had adopted a Jewish refugee fleeing the Nazis. I wonder what happened to them in later life?

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