Lightsaber cutlery

Domino's Japan is giving away this nifty lightsaber cutlery with its otherwise undistinguished and unworthy pizzas.

Star Wars Special Set | TOPICS | Domino's Pizza (Thanks, Francesco!)


      1. I usually use a fork to eat pizza. It’s sacrilege to some, but it depends on the style of pizza – I wouldn’t use a fork in NYC for NYC-style pizza for example, but I usually go for something thicker if I’m not eating on-the-go.

  1. Actually, given it’s Japan, shouldn’t they have gone with chopsticks? Just as useless for eating pizza, but way cooler lightsabers!

  2. I got a pair of light-sabre chopsticks for my birthday from my dear wife. They’re smooth and round, which makes it tricky to use in a practical manner, but worth the effort if only to watch the amused faces of my 5 and 7 year old daughters while I chomp down dinner…

  3. So the fork and spoon will plug into each other, but will two spoons or two forks? I suddenly had an image of eating my breakfast cereal with a double-ended spoon, like a kayaker navigating white water.

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