MST3K headboard

Doorman turned the headboard of his bed into the gang from Mystery Science Theater 3000, ready to critique and ridicule whatever goes on in that bed.

MST3K headboard (via Making Light)


  1. Well, that’s about the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while.  Definitely the coolest thing I’ve seen since I watched an episode last night. :)  If I have any critique, it’s only that it appears to be Mike’s silhouette rather than Joel’s.  Yeah, Mike was cool, but Joel really rocked the SoL.

    1. It’s kind of weird that we all immediately knew that it’s Mike.  Even more disturbing is that, as soon as I realized that it was Mike, Crow’s voice switched from Trace Beaulieu to Bill Corbett.

      1. “I’m different!”

        (I’m different because I like the Mike episodes better, but I grew up watching those and didn’t see any Joel episodes until later)

  2. I look at this and all I can think of is random lines and how they’d be even funnier in bed…

    “No, no, Jerry, you blow in the big end…”

    “Maybe the dagblamed thing is over yonder…”

    “But I’ve got a mantis in my pantis…”

    “Well, there it is. Spankings all around then.”

    “So, can I split your top and butter your buns?”

    “Trumpy, no!”

  3. This is awesome, but I do have one picky problem with it. If they are there to critique bed activities then shouldn’t the image be reversed? The way it is now they are primed to critique your shadow puppet displays.

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