Bear tranquilized after climbing tree at University of Colorado dorm building

Screen Shot 2012-04-26 At 4.33.48 PmMy parents have been seeing a lot of bears recently near their house in Boulder, Colorado. The detail shown here is from a larger photo of a doped-up bear falling from a tree onto a mattress. He was discovered in the Williams Village university housing complex, which is surrounded on all sides by residential areas.

"It was really a perfect landing," said Ryan Huff, spokesman for the CU Police Department.

Bear tranquilized after climbing tree at CU-Boulder's Williams Village dorms

(Thanks, Steve Silberman!)


  1. Is it just me or does this video make for fantastic admissions marketing?  Everyone is good looking (gorgeous, actually), clean green environment, not a single “um, like, you know” in the entire interview, sunny, and bears falling out of trees onto mattresses.

    CU now on the college list for the larvae, along with University of Maryland was it?  The one with the kickass band.

  2. The authorities tranq-darted a bear for peacefully occupying a tree — had they run out of pepper-spray and rubber bullets?

    1. Do you know how many college students would be thrilled to be pumped full of drugs and be filmed dropping thirty feet onto a mattress?

  3. So, did the bear hear that CU was doing bear studies or was he looking to crash a kegger? 

  4. Heads up that you linked to the Colorado Daily version of the article. The CU Independent (the student newspaper) broke the story and took the photo.

    1. My God, this is what happens when a bear event of this magnitude happens within a college campus known as a “party” school.  This bear is gonna be famous. (Colbert Report here he comes…)

  5. I love that little picture in the post.  I found a higher res version it was screenshot from…

  6. Ironic…the buildings right next to William’s Village are the Bear Creek Apartments. I rollerbladed past there this morning just as the guy in the big white hat was taking out his rifle. I figured it was just another tree’d mountain lion. Guess I missed the chance to see Bear Drop live. 

  7. I’m surprised, that’s actually pretty far into town. The bear even had to cross the highway (probably under it, there’s an underpass right along the road that WillVill’s on). It’s surprising nobody noticed it earlier.  I’ll have to watch out for bears when I go on those late night walks.

    1. That bear could’ve gotten to that location by following the creek and using the bike path underpass… I doubt it crossed this highway.

      Also, this is more common than you might think… we had a mountain lion on campus here at the University of Colorado Boulder last year. It was in the Kittredge are of campus.

      There is actually a great meme making the rounds around here today combining that great photo of the bear falling with the reaction shot of a student who got to meet Obama on Tuesday at a local bar;

  8. before this, i had only seen the still shot.

    i had preferred to think that the bear was flying away in search of the next “pic-a-nic basket.”

    “go, bear, go!” i thought.

    reality has come crashing down… nearly as hard as the bear.

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