Canadian MP delivers exquisite tongue-lashing

Here's a tasty audio clip of a Canadian Member of Parliament banging his fellow MPs' heads together (metaphorically) over their petty procedural squabbling. Thanks to the CBC's As It Happens for providing it. (Link fixed -- sorry!)


  1. I’m only getting a 21-second clip of the intro.   No tongue-lashing to be heard…  Hopefully, the link will be fixed by tomorrow morning.

  2. Same.  The OP clip is 21 secs.  The clip from  Mark’s comment won’t play at all for me in Chrome or IE.  Tantalus had it easy in comparison!

  3. “This, quite frankly, is not what we’re about.”

    Could y’all clone him and send some copies south of the border, please?

  4. The original link still isn’t working here. Shame, it’s always good to hear politicians with a bit of backbone.

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