DIY Star Trek phaser pops balloons and makes a cool noise


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  1. Ito Kagehisa says:

    That’s awesome!  Does the top bit pop off and stick to your belt with velcro?

  2. Couldn’t help noticing the hand… without a wedding ring >:)

  3. Want one. Want one. Want one!

  4. Glen Able says:

    Earth need no longer fear an attack by the Balloon People of Mylar 7.

  5. spacemunky says:

    Next step: a lightsaber that can pop balloons.

    Your move, Star Wars fans.

  6. yri says:

    Away team, set phasers to “pop”!

  7. koko szanel says:

    Remember to protect your remaining eye while playing with DIY Star Trek phaser

  8. Did you guys learn nothing from the bird man?

  9. cleek says:

    if it’s hot enough to pop a balloon, i’m 10,000% sure i would not be aimlessly waving it around in my garage. there are all kinds of hyper-flammable solvents lurking around on my shelves!

  10. Atvaark says:

    Can it pop white balloons? :p

  11. yasin sezer says:

    Wooow! Great weapon :)

  12. John Smith says:

    Al Sharpton is not going to like this.

  13. Jonathan Carpenter says:

    You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!

    • Donald Petersen says:

      Hoax?  If the balloon was filled with hydrogen and chlorine gas, the UV light emitted by lighting a strip of magnesium across the room would set it off.  I suspect that’s what happened here, rather than the laser actually burning a hole through the latex.

      • flickerKuu says:

        Nope. The dark color of the balloon helps it burn quicker, like something black in the sun.  You can do this with as little as a 10mw laser – they used to sell some green ones you could crank up that high. This has nothing to do with weird gasses inside a balloon. What a pain it would be to put those gases in anyway… If you look on the net you will find plenty of balloon popping or match striking laser videos.

    • HenryPootel says:

      How can you pew pew this?  Where is your evidence!

  14. asmodeus82 says:

    I’m pretty sure if you take the laser from a blue ray burner you can pop a balloon with it.
    Physicist friend told me.
    Hell I’m pretty sure you can do it with a DVD laser.

    • Jorpho says:

      Precisely!  A good number of years ago there were how-to videos for building something like this using the diodes from a blu-ray drive or a DVD burner – balloon-popping and all.  (Of course, the DVD burner uses a red laser and doesn’t look half as nifty.)

      I have no idea if those videos are still around; as has been stated, these things are really quite hazardous.

  15. jwkrk says:

    Quite possible to pop a balloon.  Also, I’d be concerned about eye damage simply from viewing the spot (not even directly aimed at your eye)…intense blue light can accelerate macular degeneration.

  16. Pat Eisel says:

    just in time for prom! assuming it won’t set off the metal detector. can you make that thing out of soap? 

  17. Bodhipaksa says:

    Props for the sound effect.

  18. Galadriel Kramington says:

    This was made by Jay Robertson, who kindly wrote instructions and also sells an almost-complete “kit” so you can have your own.

    Here’s that video as posted by the original maker of the phaser:

    Hoax?  He was featured in Popular Science for it last summer:



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