DIY Star Trek phaser pops balloons and makes a cool noise

[Video Link] He had to make his garage smoky to see the beam, but this DIY Star Trek phaser is impressive. (Via Unique Daily)


    1.  I’m actually betting married, which is why he’s hiding in the garage with his toys……if single he’d be doing this in his foul batchelor frog pad :D

    1. The Mylarians reply: We’re silver and you’re phazer is blue, whatever you beam at us we reflect back at you!   We laugh at your puny weapon!  Go frighten the softies on Latex 5. “

  1. if it’s hot enough to pop a balloon, i’m 10,000% sure i would not be aimlessly waving it around in my garage. there are all kinds of hyper-flammable solvents lurking around on my shelves!

    1. Hoax?  If the balloon was filled with hydrogen and chlorine gas, the UV light emitted by lighting a strip of magnesium across the room would set it off.  I suspect that’s what happened here, rather than the laser actually burning a hole through the latex.

      1. Nope. The dark color of the balloon helps it burn quicker, like something black in the sun.  You can do this with as little as a 10mw laser – they used to sell some green ones you could crank up that high. This has nothing to do with weird gasses inside a balloon. What a pain it would be to put those gases in anyway… If you look on the net you will find plenty of balloon popping or match striking laser videos.

  2. I’m pretty sure if you take the laser from a blue ray burner you can pop a balloon with it.
    Physicist friend told me.
    Hell I’m pretty sure you can do it with a DVD laser.

    1. Precisely!  A good number of years ago there were how-to videos for building something like this using the diodes from a blu-ray drive or a DVD burner – balloon-popping and all.  (Of course, the DVD burner uses a red laser and doesn’t look half as nifty.)

      I have no idea if those videos are still around; as has been stated, these things are really quite hazardous.

  3. This was made by Jay Robertson, who kindly wrote instructions and also sells an almost-complete “kit” so you can have your own.

    Here’s that video as posted by the original maker of the phaser:

    Hoax?  He was featured in Popular Science for it last summer:



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