Down with roundrects! Squared-off phone case


14 Responses to “Down with roundrects! Squared-off phone case”

  1. taras says:

    Looks good, apart from the giant embossed logo. Would have one of these on my phone if it was an iPhone.

  2. jandrese says:

    Yep, that’s $30 for $0.05 worth of molded rubber.  But these have square corners!

  3. Art says:

    Wish they were made for android!

  4. Cowicide says:

    Shame about the colors, though: they come only in white, black, clear and pink.


  5. Samsa says:

    $30 for a square piece of rubber. Against the wall with the lot of you, you’ve lost your way.

  6. millie fink says:

    Maybe the square corners function to disguise an iPhone? Anti-theftily, that is.

  7. stuck411 says:

    $30? The true profit centers for retailers selling smart phones is in the unnecessary junk they peddle along with it. Monster cables, anyone? Love how you can find high end cases at the discount retailer for $10 & they’re still making mad money with the sale.

  8. xavii says:

    exovault cases.

  9. Joe Kowalski says:

    Everyone! You’re not realizing what a great value this is. The case actually costs $70, but by branding your phone with a massive Incase logo, they’re subsidizing more than half the cost.

  10. $30 is about the standard iPhone case price at the Apple Store. It is kind of giving it up totally to consumerism, isn’t it? 

    That said, cheap cases are often really terrible. Especially cosmetically. If you go for a $10-shipped dealie on Amazon or something like it at Target, it’s best to pick a plain black or transparent one because the color will literally rub off or whatever.

    Also, the cheapo rubbery ones stretch. 

    I’ll be damned if I pay $30 for an official bumper though. Something like this … maybe.

    • penguinchris says:

      I bought a snap-on plastic case for my Nexus One at the Vietnamese mall in Westminster, CA for $2 because it was $2 and I thought I’d never see a case meant for a Nexus One in a store again (and I haven’t). 

      I never actually used it because I keep my phone in a pouch (which doubles as a wallet), but I came across it recently while looking for something else, and decided to try it. I broke it while putting it on the phone.

      I’m tempted to switch to an iPhone if my Nexus One dies or something, for various reasons, but I don’t think I’ll get a case for it. It seems silly even if it won’t break or stretch out. iPhones seem pretty hardy to me.

  11. dainel says:


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