To do in NYC Friday: see Space Shuttle Enterprise fly overhead


5 Responses to “To do in NYC Friday: see Space Shuttle Enterprise fly overhead”

  1. LinkMan says:

    Somebody dug up the proposed flight plan from FAA records.

    Keeping fingers crossed for good weather.

  2. niro5 says:

    I saw the overflight of DC.  WORTH IT.

    Enjoy New York, try not to give it bedbugs.

  3. yri says:

     You know, I remember being disappointed that Enterprise was not a fully functional space craft that was going to actually fly into orbit. But now that the rest of them are grounded, she’s the most intact of the fleet left.

  4. Kevin Pierce says:

    The Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (2 were built) are quite impressive in their own right:

  5. benenglish says:

    New York gets a shuttle.  Houston doesn’t.  There is no adequate explanation for that.

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