Buildings made of books

Flavorwire has published an image gallery of 10 buildings constructed entirely of books. Above: Home, a self-sustained book igloo designed by Colombian artist Miler Lagos (We've featured this one on Boing Boing before). Dig the rest of Flavorpill's picks here.


  1. So, I assume this thing collapses when I realize that I accidentally buried my Brewer’s Dictionary halfway up the wall and pull it out to look something up, yes?

    1. Igloos are surprisingly sturdy. Despite the roofs of snow igloos weighing hundreds of pounds, as kids we built them on the side of a mountain and slept in them for days to no ill effect. Destroying them involved getting as many kids to stand on top of them as we could, and when it still didn’t break, and jump up and down.

  2. I can’t help but feel that all these structures convey a silent message: that we have so books, now less desirable in the digital age, that we must find alternate uses for them.

  3. This post is making a chapter from “The Raw Shark Texts”  swirl around in my brain… Gotta get inside and hide from the ludovician shark.

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