DIY AT-AT Cable Organizer

This beautiful plywood cable organizer is available at Copious.

The DIY AT-AT is constructed in likeness of the Star Wars AT-AT, It's a geeks solution to keeping cables and wires organized at home or in the office. It's made from high grade plywood and it comes flat-packed. Nuts and screws are all included. It can also be painted to the color of your choice!
(Thanks, Cutter!)


  1. Pretty, but insufficient for my number of cables.  I would need an entire platoon of AT-ATs.

  2. It’s a cool idea, but if they’re selling it as a kit, why are they calling it DIY? I’d think that suggests patterns for you to cut yourself and work up, not just some home assembly of pre-made parts.

    1. Agreed. It’s a neat idea, but as is it’s not an AT-AT. I wonder what they were thinking with the design – I’m sure they must know it doesn’t actually look like an AT-AT. Issues with structural integrity/ease of manufacture? Fear of copyright issues?

  3. I bet it would look more like an AT-AT if they bent the legs properly.  They should bend into forward-facing knees, like an elephant has.

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