DIY cellphone kit


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  1. traalfaz says:

    Or you could do what it looks like they did, which is to buy a cheap cell phone, take it apart, cut off the speaker and keypad, then graft on a new one.

  2. Category says:

    So much want. Combine with the polymer clay Mark wrote about earlier, I can envision myself with some Giger-esque monstrosity of a phone.

  3. ssam says:

    a low-tech (and cheap) version of the openmoko.

  4. digi_owl says:

    I see no mention of the kind of battery used.

  5. Ashen Victor says:

     What about legality?

    I dont know shit about that thing, but modern phones are supposed to have some kind of id or so, or some kind or control or 1984´s shit, no? 

    • ssam says:

      that is handled by the GSM module and SIM card.

      it would be hard to design a phone network in which you could accept incoming calls, and be billed for outgoing calls without the local phone mast being able to identify your phone.

      • Ashen Victor says:

         Ok, that explains it.
        No room for conspiratory devices. ;D

        • ssam says:

           i think the issue of how easily the police or government can access that data is a separate issue.

          also there is always the possibility of a backdoor in the phone that can turn the microphone on, and stream it to somewhere, even when you think the phone is off.

          as i learnt from the film ‘four lions’ the best defence is to swallow your SIM card :-)

  6. AwesomeRobot says:

    $150? We can go cheaper. 

  7. KrisM says:

    I use to collect old phone wire for recycling from dumpsters. While stripping the insulation, I would accumulate large piles of multi-colored plastic. If that stuff could be remolded, it would make a neat case-mod.
    A friend remarked that the piles were kind of cool (bright and colorful).


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