EFF's hacker mailing list

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has launched its Coders' Rights List, a new mailing list for hackery subjects:

Sign up today to get the latest news on computer security law, upcoming events with EFF lawyers, discounts on infosec conferences like BlackHat, SOURCE, HOPE, and open source software events, and even get a jump on EFF's third annual D(EFF)CONtest coming in May! Your information is never sold, swapped, or shared.


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  1. Now, is this actual hacking, as in using network exploits, or a Cory Doctorow hack, as in an improved/steampunk/diy way to bread your butter?

  2. Sounds cool. I wonder how they’ll treat a coder’s right to use copyright? Normally the EFF just mocks people who try to enforce their copyright by calling them trolls. But copyright is a big right for coders and it’s the only way we have to enforce licenses like the GPL. Will they call them trolls if they try to enforce these licenses? 

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