EFF's hacker mailing list


4 Responses to “EFF's hacker mailing list”

  1. Alex Copeland says:

    Now, is this actual hacking, as in using network exploits, or a Cory Doctorow hack, as in an improved/steampunk/diy way to bread your butter?

  2. revjim23 says:

    Would it kill you to provide a link? Sign up at https://supporters.eff.org/lists

  3. sharkmark says:

    Sounds cool. I wonder how they’ll treat a coder’s right to use copyright? Normally the EFF just mocks people who try to enforce their copyright by calling them trolls. But copyright is a big right for coders and it’s the only way we have to enforce licenses like the GPL. Will they call them trolls if they try to enforce these licenses? 

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