Go Right


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  1. Now that is freaking awesome. The real definition of awesome, not the “cool dude” definition.

  2. gerardwhelan says:

    do the right thing

  3. Mantissa128 says:


    In Israel, do they go left?

    • eldritch says:

      If Israel had the same sort of entertainment industry producing a comparable level of video games as the US and Japan, perhaps they would.

      Although I do wonder if the assumption that left-to-right video game movement  is directly related to left-to-right reading is actually true, rather than just fairly intuitive. The aforementioned Israeli entertainment industry would have been useful for determining just such a consideration. A pity it never came to be.

    • Mike Norman says:

      I’m pretty sure Israel just keeps moving farther and farther to the right.

      • ori sonnenschein says:

        thats true. but consider that all the arab speaking countries read left to right also (tunisia, maroco, lybia, egypt, saudia arabia, bachrain, abudabu, dubai, yemen, jordan, syriam lebanon, iraq, and i couple i am probably forgeting). including iran (not arab speaking but arab writing).  thats a whole lot more right to left writing people than little old israel.

  4. rickscarf says:

    Except Super Metroid goes left too…

  5. This isn´t so much about going right; so much more about how personal the experience is for the character; his/her emotions (or lack of).

  6. jetfx says:

    That’s video sums up the childhood narrative of an entire generation of people.

  7. Lemoutan says:

    Do we need movies any more? Hollywood’s kind of all there in that.

  8. murray says:

    That warmed my cockles. Prince of Persia was the warmiest cockle warmer for me. 

  9. Yay Cave Story! Go get it! Play it! It’s awesome!

  10. ElectroDruid says:

    Brilliant video.

    For my money (although it doesn’t cost any to play), the most interesting expression of the “Go right” meme in games is Passage by Jason Rohrer. If you haven’t played it, I strongly suggest you do. First game I’ve seen that has the capability of answering that age-old “Can a videogame make you cry?” with a yes:http://hcsoftware.sourceforge.net/passage/ 

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