Hoax campus advertisement offers students €100 to pretend to be pro-ACTA demonstrators

@jimmy_pirat (a Twitter account with only one post) snapped a blurrycam picture of a campus employment ad that sought students to pretend to be pro-ACTA and hold up photogenic signs, paying €100 for two hours' work. The recruitment agency named in the ad disavows any involvement with it, and has threatened to sue whomever posted it. I wonder who the hoaxter was?

Copyright Lobby Hires Pro-ACTA Demonstrators


  1. The ad doesn’t actually say that it is about pro-ACTA.
    It doesn’t say the opposite, either.

    It just says it’s about a foto shooting on occasion
    of  Intellectual Property Day.

    So, to actually know for sure what it’s about,
    you would have had to contact the company
    offering the jobs.

    The company said, it doesn’t know about it.

    So, where does the pro-ACTA claim actually
    stem from? Wishful thinking?

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