Musician Grimes has a new line of rings


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  1. chellberty says:

    I can’t tell from the thumbnails but Are those shaped like.. ahem vaginas?

  2. The pressing question: Are they molded from her own anatomy?

  3. sockdoll says:

    You can get some fantastic effects marbling translucent polymer clay with other colors. I don’t think it was used to make the finger-borne plastic vulva though. Those might be more decorative if they employed marbling as well though.

  4. blueelm says:

    Meh… I didn’t know people were getting their ideas from Regretsy.

  5. RJ says:

    How firmly entrenched in tedium! She must be thrilled.
    Incidentally, her music is pretty good. I’m just tired of the forced eccentricity schtick.

  6. enterthestory says:

    Slugs on your hands? I live in the country. Just stick your hand in a ditch for a few minutes after a rainstorm, you can have the real thing.

  7. ciacontra says:

    Grimes is awesome.  Check out the live set she did for KEXP just a bit ago:  Particularly ‘Genesis’, about 6:10 in.

    Those rings though… They look like Ring-Pops.  Somewhat inappropriate Ring-Pops.

  8. Nicky G says:

    You just turned me on to a really good musician Mark, thanks!

  9. Lin says:

    I’ve been sculpting with polymer clay as a hobby for a few years, and looking into ways of reproducing items, and I’d put my money on the material some variety of resin. Polymer clay is great for making an original to make a mold from, or unique items, but for consistent results you would want to make a mold and cast the object in resin (if you had the resources). Another reason these are probably resin: as the page you linked demonstrates, polymer clay does not bake very clear or very easily, and from what I recall the solid translucent varieties have some of the same issues.

    (I would approve of a candy version of these.)

    Photos of the resin molding/casting process, from an artist whose work I admire:

  10. Morgan Black says:

    The original master was made from a shrunk alginate life casting.  Sculpted then cast in urethane resin!

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