"New" images from NASA's Project Gemini program


4 Responses to “"New" images from NASA's Project Gemini program”

  1. satn says:

    The 50 Mb+ raws are some drool inducing zoom-in fun.

  2. MarcVader says:

    My favorite blog had a story about this some time ago… http://boingboing.net/2012/01/16/gemini-mission-images-restored.html

  3. jkg says:

    haha, thanks for this great post!  I have a rare UK Hanna Barbara record (vinyl LP) from 1965 called “Gemini 4: Walk in Space” which has a “professional re-enactment” of the entire White moonwalk dialogue. http://www.popsike.com/GEMINI-45EIGHT-DAYS-IN-SPACE1966-HANNA-BARBERA-MONO/390288254463.html It is corny and cool as hell all at the same time,and I used it profusely in session mix I did from 1994. You can hear the full mix @ http://www.dopanex.com (click on the DeeUnderworld mix link) and most of the good dialogue is at the very end.  

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