Steve Jobs wanted to be Willy Wonka for a day


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  1. semiotix says:

    The whole thing would hinge on whether or not you could get the suicidal 14-year-olds who make them to do decent Oompa-Loompa impressions.

  2. BadIdeaSociety says:

    I am an admitted Apple hater, but actually love the idea of the Golden Ticket promotion. It is a shame it never happened. 

    They would have to return production to the US to make that promotion happen today.

  3. viggy says:

    You have to admire that Mr Jobs never lost his sense of play.

  4. Robert Cruickshank says:

    I once saw a can of dog food that had a similar promotion.  The idea was that some lucky person would win the weight of the dogfood in gold or something like that. There was some fine print that read “winning can will not contain dog food”.  I always thought of the poor dog going “Hey, hey, hey, I’m hungry!, hey, hey!” as the owner freaked out. 

    • Vickie Kostecki says:

      A milk producer up here in Canada has a similar promotion, where when you open the carton, it will “moo” and you will have won a prize. But the winning cartons contain no milk. I always make sure to shake them, as I don’t want to be thirsty & end up with a coupon for a baseball cap.

  5. franko says:

    i really wish they would’ve been able to pull this off. it was a perfect idea. if there ever was a real-life equivalent to Wonka and his mysterious factory, it was Jobs and Apple.

  6. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    At first the winner would’ve gotten a tour of FoxConn

  7. Brainspore says:

    Michael Scott: unrecognized genius?

  8. kekko says:

    If it happened today, Tim Cook, dressed as Tim Cook, would bring you to a white clean room with no recording devices, then give you a standard 20  minute presentation; then he’d probably give you the chance of asking a maximum of three questions which can only touch the following topics:
    - Perfection of design in Apple products;
    - Advantages in using a smartcover;
    - New multitouch gestures;
    - Materials used in the Apple Genius badge string.

    The tour would end with a complimentary Apple sticker and a handshake from Jonathan Ive (via Facetime).

    Unfortunately, that was a “funky Steve Jobs from the 90′s” idea. Things are different now. Completely different.

  9. Brad H. says:

    “Can I have the dogcow on your lawn?”

    “You get nothing!!! You lose, good day sir!”

  10. dmc10 says:

    I think Jobs was a real d0uche, and am not an Apply fan, THAT said… frickin’ cool a$$ idea I have to admit.

  11. This was at a time when Apple was falling below stall speed five thousand feet above the cold Atlantic with  a bunch of numskulls at the controls. To recover from that the new pilot had to do something thing different, so lets do that.

  12. pjcamp says:

    As I recall, most of Willie Wonka’s guests did not leave alive.

    So yeah. A dick dresses as a dick. Seems like that could work.

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