Redditor with an air-travel pass will become an upvoted summer bindlestiff


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  1. robcat2075 says:

    Good luck to him/her.  I’ve traveled “non-rev” and it’s a completely unreliable way to plan a trip.  If you are bumped to make room for a paying customer you have to wait at the gate for the next flight, or the next, or the next…  and you HAVE to be there at the exact moment they call you up to the desk to tell you there’s a seat for you or they will pass you over again.

    I’m also surprised that any US airline, in these budget stressed times, is just charging “departure taxes” for the non-rev seat.   I’m going to guess that there’s more to it than that.  There was when I traveled.

    • swedub says:

      Yup, my mom has worked for an airline for over 20 years.  I fly non-rev stand-by at least 3 times a year.  The only time I flew for free was when I was still in school. Since then it’s been $20 in “fees” domestic and International flights can get to $150 in “fees”. 

      You have to plan trips with an extra day cushion if you have to get there by a certain time. You have to wake up really early so you have a couple extra flights to try if your first one bumps you. You need to know your other options through other airports if necessary. That said, I don’t mind it that much and it’s saved me thousands of dollars. My father refuses to fly stand-by. He doesn’t like the uncertainty.

  2. Tarliman says:

    Bad headline. A “hobo” is an itinerant worker that will accept pretty much any honest task, and wanders from place to place. A “bindlestiff” is a wandering thief who steals from other migrants. The stereotypical tied-up square of fabric on a pole, in which a hobo carries his possessions, is called a bindle. To stiff someone is to steal from them. Hence, stealing from someone else’s possessions is to be a bindlestiff.

    • dculberson says:

      I thought it used stiff in the same sense as, say, “working stiff.” Ie not to steal but to be a hard up person.

  3. Chris says:

    Sad that no-one’s pointed out that travel, and especially air travel, contributes more to climate damage than any other activity we can do, and that it’s therefore irresponsible to do *as much of it as possible* for no good reason other than boredom.

    I don’t know that carbon offsetting actually works, but it would be nice to remember something like that as part of this experiment.  Maybe the redditors involved should volunteer to pay an offset?  I’m sure there’s some way to make it work.

    • twianto says:

      Weird… I could swear there’s one guy with a black-and-white avatar who’s mightily concerned. Not sure how you could miss him.

    • penguinchris says:

      This only works as long as there are empty seats. As has been said, he’ll be sitting in airports for hours and even days waiting for a flight. By necessity, he won’t be able to bring much luggage (only a carry-on, and probably a small one at that). Therefore his personal carbon footprint from this is negligible since he won’t add much weight and the planes will fly anyway.

      Anyway, I’m jealous of this but as an experienced traveler I guarantee this is going to cost him a lot more money than he lets on. $5 says he’s got plenty of cash on hand and doesn’t need to worry about income right now, though he’s not rich enough to travel like this without his “free” pass.

      • twianto says:

        I’ve traveled all over the US for months on end for $500-1,000/month excluding transportation but including accommodation (which this fellow may not need). It really isn’t that expensive.

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