Sheep Invaders sweater

€279 for a "Sheep Invader" sweater is more than I'd pay, but the design brought a smile to my phizz.

The Sheep Invader Sweater from Monsieur Lacenaire is an incredibly comfortable garment. The sweater is regular fitted and features a classic crew neck, “Sheep invader” pattern through front, neck and ribbed trims. The sweater comes in a Navy color and can be washed by machine.

Monsieur Lacenaire Sheep Invader Sweater (via Geekologie)


  1. Wait SHEEP Invaders? Clearly the invaders are wolves, being that they’re appearing out of the -houndstooth- pattern, and they are invading to GET the sheep.

    It’s called Space Invaders because the invaders are from space, not because the player is defending outer space from Earth! :P

  2. The only way I’d wear that is if it came with a prominent label that read:
         “Gift.  Wearer too smart to pay that much.”

  3. Astonishing the height of the raised eyebrows for artisans selling what they do at a rate that pays them reasonably.

    1. My wife runs into this attitude constantly. She designs and builds costumes for theatre so of course all her friends assume she can make them a nice handmade dress for what they’d pay at Target. When she tells them what it would cost in materials and her hourly rate they’re inevitably shocked. Never mind the fact that whatever she made them would be one of a kind and also would probably last for decades with some care, unlike your average Forever 21 dress that will fall apart after a couple washes. Some items ARE marked-up for no reason, but often you get what you pay for.

  4. Cost may seem high, but it says it’s made in France, 100% Merino wool, and it is a unique pattern.  The wool may also be of better quality than a cheaper wool sweater; better quality means it won’t pill and fuzz from regular wear.  People are used to buying clothes made with cheap labour, where the workers aren’t compensated enough to live comfortably.  If we think about clothes from even 100 years ago, we can see how much more they cost then, and why people didn’t have walk in closets and often times wore a sweater until it could no longer be mended.

    1. @Bittershite:disqus @boingboing-6edc28aa98d1fc885fe0cff2e231789e:disqus 
      Problem is, there’s a fine line here that’s separate from the issue of quality. I’m sure that this sweater is of excellent quality, just like Bittershite’s wife’s handmade dresses.

      However, this sweater has quite limited use. Because it’s so distinctive, you can’t wear it too frequently. Any clothing with a graphic design like this must be rotated through your wardrobe very carefully or people will think poorly of you. Which is stupid, of course.

      Clothing that is distinctive and which really stands out from the crowd can be worn regularly, becoming part of your “uniform”, but not if it has graphic elements like this – then it becomes silly.

      I’m not explaining myself very well but hopefully what I’m saying makes sense. The point is that €279 for something that realistically you can only wear a few times a year is difficult to justify regardless of the quality.

      Thus, this would actually be better if it was a $50-100 sweater of much lower quality. The quality isn’t critical (as long as the feel of the fabric is decent) for something you’re definitely not going to wear out.

      1. I wore my Pinky & Dianne violet leather jeans until they fell to pieces. Which is a damn good thing because they cost $1,400 in today’s dollars.

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