7' fire-breathing, flying dragon built by RC airplane hobbyist

Franceso sez, "Rick Hamel, an American RC airplanes builder, created the Mythical Beast, a radio controlled fire-breathing dragon. It's powered by a Jetcat P80 Kerostart turbine, is over 7 feet long and has a wing span of 9 feet. Beside flying, this scratchbuilt dragon is able to breath fire thanks to a liquid propane and a stun gun circuit. Mythical Beast won Best of Show at the Weak Signal event held in Toledo a few weeks ago."

Drago Volante Sputafuoco Radiocomandato - RC Dragon (Thanks, Francesco!)


  1. “…this scratchbuilt dragon is able to breath fire thanks to a liquid propane and a stun gun circuit.”

    So, where’s the video of it breathing fire?

    1.  I’m guessing it would set itself on fire if it tried to do that in flight at that speed, unless it has one hell of a forward-thrust on its – uh – stun gun circuit or whatever.

    1. I used to be into “arrow in the knee” jokes like you… then I took an arrow in the knee.

      1. I’ve seen some that do! Also of course dragon hybrids. Because some dragons are randy beasts that will boff anything.

        Also of course “fursona” is an imprecise term; it unpacks to “the animal character I sometimes play in the context of the furry fandom” but does not actually say anything about being a fur-bearing creature. Dragons, lizards, birds, naked mole rats, they’re all possible as fursonae. Though there are not many naked mole rats in the furry fandom. If any.

        This has been your subcultural discourse for the day! n.n

  2. It’s a pity people are still shooting 240p vid in this day and age… and the vid’s missing something to give the thing scale, like a person next to the dragon.

    1.  “Sir, we have a possible bogey at 2 o’clock. It appears to be…dragon-shaped.”
      “Launch the missiles, Wellsley.”
      “Sir, someone is having a barbeque on the roof right now. Where the missiles are.”
      “Launch them, damn you! I shall not see London razed by dragons on MY watch!”

  3. If only it had an arduino in it or a pixelated-looking primary color paint job reminiscent of an NES, then the builder would have been a “Maker” instead of a “hobbyist”.

  4. That’s pretty cool.  They just need to make a video of it roasting screaming, fleeing villagers now.

    In other thoughts, people who do model rocketry have a sort of “code of ethics” put forth by Estes.  I’m pretty sure that they would frown on something that flies around overhead filled with flammable liquid and high-voltage.  Just sayin’…

  5. Yeah, let’s put a liquid propane tank and a flamethrower on a remote controlled RC plane. What could possibly go wrong?

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