Car hits girls sunbathing in road

Impromptu tanning salon
Two 13-year-old girls sunbathing in a rural road were struck by a car Sunday. Police in Beaver County, PA., said that the pair were in fair condition at Pittsburgh's Children's Hospital. The driver was one of the teens' cousins; he was questioned and released by authorities. "They were upset," another relative told WTAE-TV. "It was like the worst thing I've ever seen... I was like crying real bad. Shaking."


  1. As a species, why do we constantly need to be reminded not to do things like this?  :^(

    Edit: Also, nice of WTAE to identify the girls by name. Certainly, nothing but good will come of that.

    1. They probably have a good explanation. For instance, how do we know that the road was not made of sand.

  2. Rob, I come to Boing Boing for quirky interesting things. This is just sad and stupid, and doesn’t belong on here.

      1. I’m unsure of the purpose of the list… Is it illustrative of the relatively small number of people disappointed in the site? Or something else? It seems to come off slightly like a ‘Name and Shame’ of people who criticise posts. Am I going to emerge on a list of people who have criticised the list?

          1.  I’m disappointed that Boing Boing isn’t an ice cream flavor (possibly composed of flavors of wonderful things: hibiscus, MSG, caramel, porkfat, etc.). Does that count?

          2. How many layers of meta are you prepared to go? What if I were – and this is purely a hypothetical – to ask about the usefulness of a list of people who’ve questioned the purpose of a list of people who’ve expressed disappointment in Boing Boing?

          3. I’m disappointed that the list is not hosted on a platform that allows me to like entries or make comments, but not disappointed with bOING bOING itself. Does this mean you’ll need to make another list? 

          4. I am disappointed that I’m not on this list, in a red, bold font, preferably Comic Sans.

        1. Serious douche-baggery going on around the boing lately.  “the list” Seems editors thought it would be a good idea to make themselves a special place to make fun of people for their opinions on shitty boing boing threads…. Because thats better than listening and adapting. 

          Maybe the readers should make a “Boings Worst” list and LINK to it, so that all the pathetic threads and idiot things done by editors/founders/moderators will forever be on display front and center…..  Just click their cartoon picture and see a nice list of ignorant things that person has done to its readers/consumers…. Or in a small few’s case, the great things they have done/said/posted.

          That way people can see who they are truly dealing with on this site and easily separate the good from the bad.  Thereby skipping hours of anger and wasted time reading ridiculous articles or arguing with the uninformed who also happen to be in charge.

          I would have a nice list of things to add to such a list.
          Dont get me wrong I like bb, I just think certain people abuse their (ban/block/remove) powers or fan following to stifle good people with informed opinions simply because they dont agree with them.

          1. There’s already a website that displays “all the pathetic threads and idiot things done by
            editors/founders/moderators.”  It’s here.

          2. Ipo, pretty much the weakest argument ever (note: I’m not saying anything about the validity of the criticism mentioned here, JFTR). Using that reasoning, nobody should ever criticize Limbaugh’s show and should be promptly ridiculed for doing so.

          3. Because thats better than listening and adapting.

            I certainly agree. I shared a good gut laugh with someone when I showed her that list, and the laughter led to sex, and that’s why I come to Boing Boing. I don’t come here to read comments by people who don’t approve of Boing Boing’s response to critical comments by people who don’t like the website. I come here to get laid.

        2. when people are doing stupid immature things and are acting badly, the natural response is to do the same back to them.

          so in that respect “the list” acts as vent/pressure release valve for the moderators/editors by providing exactly that function.

  3. If the girls are in fair condition, they must not have been in the sun very long.

    1. Thankfully the girls weren’t more seriously injured or it would have been posted on “Reddit Asphalt.”

    1. Having grown up in the middle of nowhere, I can verify that people tend to be semi-conscious most of the time.

        1. Don’t even get me started on beavers.  Those are some mean sons-a-bitches.  Buck teeth from hell ready to plunge into your ankle like a defenseless sapling.

          1. It only hit 62° there on Sunday. More likely they’re ectotherms and were sluggish from the cold.

    1. I dunno.  A relative some years back was telling me about how a local couple were killed by being run over while they were having sex in the middle of the road one evening.  Infrequently traveled roads lead to people doing unwise things on them…

      1. Infrequently traveled roads lead to people doing unwise things on them…

        A friend of mine was of the opinion that one would obtain a unique perspective on the world by lying on one’s back in the middle of a road, and looking along the white line. I, and a number of my friends and relatives, can confirm that this is correct.

  4. There was a great series of road safety awareness adverts aired on Imparja and NITV a few years back including a “Don’t Sleep on the Road” ad featuring Reggae Dave.

  5. Before WWI, the term pedestrian didn’t exist in English: all users of the road were equal. I think we can all agree that the assumption that cars are the “proper” users of the road has gone too far when non-motored persons can no longer safely sunbathe in the street.

    1. We can’t encourage motorists to sunbathe in the street either.  That would have a detrimental effect on the flow of traffic.

    2.  Before motor vehicles existed, you could safely sleep in on the road … If only there were no horses and non-motored vehicles on them.

      1. Even in the ancient world, walkers were distinguished from riders or people in sedan chairs.

    3. I think we can all agree

      Firstly, no. Secondly, I’ll bet there are less than ten actual situations where that phrase would be accurate. Maybe less than five.

  6. Wow, I cannot even express how relieved that wasn’t a video up there. I felt a little queasy when I saw the headline and the photo.

  7. Yeah, it was dumb…no less upsetting for all that. I hope they end up being OK.

  8. I don’t get it. What is the point of this post? Are we supposed to appreciate the fact that two young girls were struck by a car for an innocent mistake (and this really is, very much, a mistake of innocence – they are 13 for Christ’s sake)? Are we supposed to guffaw and feel righteous in our thirty-something-year-old wisdom, that WE have learned not to sunbathe in the street? I am having a hard time seeing some other angle, here, and that makes me sad.

      1.  My dog never figured it out.  She got very annoyed when a car would pull up and interrupt her nap.

  9. So how wrong is it that I immediately thought of all the jokes I’d ever heard involving eating roadkill…? 

  10. For some reason this reminds me of the Bill Hicks joke about aliens landing in rural areas and offering free dentistry/sterility services.

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