Gone to Amerikay: masterful, heart-tugging Irish immigrant graphic novel


3 Responses to “Gone to Amerikay: masterful, heart-tugging Irish immigrant graphic novel”

  1. The third story seems a little off-key considering the collapse of our country in to rabid plutocracy and a mass exodus of our youth to Australia and Canada…
    Id love to see a fourth story which parallelled the first one but set in 2012 with a young person, nearly penniless crossing the Atlantic despirate for work.

    That said, ill still pass this onto my friends who are more interested in studying the diaspora then i am.

  2. Mitchell Glaser says:

    I’ve always been astonished by the history of Irish immigration. Comparatively late in my life I learned that, at one point in the past, being Irish was about the worst thing you could be considered in America. Of course I had been taught about black slavery and discrimination, and I was aware of the horrible abuse of Chinese labor. But I had no idea until then that Irish immigrants, who seem so utterly integrated into society now, had ever been considered the bottom of the barrel and horribly reviled. It just proves how illogically these class-based hatreds are. 

    And by the way, check out George Takei’s new musical “Allegiance” about the forced relocation of the Japanese Americans during WWII. The things we do to our neighbors…

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