Homemade R2D2 shorts

The aptly named Productiveslacker (with a kick-ass bio! "a seasonal cast member at WDW and I aspire to become an Imagineer. I am a painter and a t-shirt designer") made these boss R2D2 shorts herself.

They don’t sell R2D2 shorts so I painted my own :) (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


  1. Am I wrong to want to interface with that communications port? I AM FLUENT IN MORE THAN 6 MILLION COMMUNICATION PROTOCOLS

    1. Heh.  More like I can release six million “data packets” into that “communication port”…

          1. I’m certain that someone has already done the math calculating the bandwidth of the average human male ejaculation…

          2.  @awjt:disqus i suspect there is more than one malware author that would love to replicate that feat ;)

    1. Unlike, say, the Mona Lisa, which looks like a slab of wood with colored grease sludge daubed on it.

      1. Wasn’t Sfumato Damar one of the bug people on Geonosis at the end of Attack of the Clones??

        1. I once spent an extraordinary amount of time trying to find damar in it’s natural gum form.  Still better than making rabbit size from scratch.

    2.  Ah, but it’s artfully applied marker, That’s the difference. Anyone can wave a marker around near a blank canvas, doing a damn good job of reproducing an iconic  pattern, That’s what we came to applaud.

  2. Interesting to see that the “mutants” are resorting to using female body parts  to show up the items!  Juts like Detroit and others basic earthlings…  And that the comments seem to be overly in favor.  

      1. Yeah. And if a guy made them and wore them and shot them in the same pose, BB would’ve posted those photos instead. 


        1.  I don’t know, why don’t you try making something other than bad points about trumped up unneccesary faux outrage. Maybe you’d make the front page.

    1.  Reasonably good looking female mutants should be embarrassed of their attractiveness and have pudgy, hairy, middle aged guys model their awesome, geeky, artsy shorts? 

      Next up: 
      The Dalek burqa, modeled by its creator, Davros himself. 

    1. The subject has a proper, high waist and doesn’t have any visible body hair.  Generally males are the exact opposite.

  3. I’m not even sure if it is the Boingboing slogan anymore – But this post is a wonderful thing.  Thanks Cory and thanks Areyna Schmidt (productiveslacker), you made my day.  :)

      1. Arrgh!  You realize that now I’m going to have to start working that line into as many of my conversations as possible? 

        “Well, Frank, I applaud your incentive, but in all honesty, the whole thing strikes me as a compendium of greasy peccadilloes.  

        Or maybe, “Yes, thank you.  I’d like the multi-grain pancakes with a side compendium of greasy peccadilloes.”

  4. As a hairy man with a pudgy belly, I somehow don’t think I’d have made it on here had I made and modelled similar shorts.

    Although to be fair I did use to have jeans with elaborate geometric patterns markered on to them, criss-crossed with cowdung stains. This stuff is just too commercial.

    1.  Yeah, well, when a woman-looking-person walks up to a man and asks him if he’d like to see her hairy wookiee, he has to really think hard on the possibility that something isn’t what he expects…

      I used “Do you want to see my hairy wookiee?” as a line on my first date.  She and I went to see Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Special Edition…  It obviously didn’t work, but didn’t get me slapped and the rest of the evening was pleasant enough.  As a high school student I didn’t really expect it to work either.

  5. I don’t understand why BoingBoing chose not to publish the photos of me in my homemade Death Star Garbage Monster shorts.

  6. OH!!!  R2!!!  

    As an equal-opportunity dirty old man, I’d just like to say I’d hit it, and I don’t care if it’s a dude or a chick!  So there!  XD

  7. Why no comment on the katakana on her right rear?  R2D2 did not have that.  Looks like ‘hukoutakou’ but I get nothing in my Japanese dictionary. 

    1. It’s called Aurebesh, the symbolic/language of the Star Wars universe. It reads: “R2D2”

      And no, he didn’t have that on him. A nice decorative touch though.

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