HOWTO make a kids' jetpack


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  1. robuluz says:

    Awesome. If you can get the primer and paint in liquid form, pour a little in the bottles then shake to coat the inside, rather than painting the outside. You then have a finish that is impervious to in-flight damage.

    • relawson says:

      Genius!  Better make sure its “flexible” primer as well so it won’t chip when the bottle is deformed.

  2. grimc says:

    Looks like the next project is jet earmuffs.

  3. Zod says:

    cut the bottles to allow venting and install old computer fans in each bottle with 4-AA batteries to power the fans. This will blow the streamers automatically!

  4. joeposts says:

    Step 8: Release cats. CHAOS ENSUES.

  5. professor says:

    Alternatively, you can use full soda-bottles and add in a Menthos-dispenser… though this might only be advisable if making it for someone else’s children (or at least waiting until the wife is out of town)!

    • garyg2 says:

      I had that thought too; me and my boy were brainstorming about the possibility of filling an old super-soaker with cola and introducing mentos somehow… hilarity would surely ensue…

  6. Sirkowski says:

    Two bottles backpack? You could probably also improvise a home made flame thrower.

  7. raines says:

    Step 8: Secure all doors/windows on upper floors and lock up all ladders that could provide access to garage roof.

  8. IamInnocent says:

    Someday in the future, some girlfriend or boyfriend will go ‘ahhhhh!’ and yet we are here so far from Ipanema…

  9. Brood-X says:

    Step 7. should be “Affix disclaimer ‘Caution: Does Not Enable Wearer to Fly.’”

  10. HubrisSonic says:

    this clearly does not really work! 

  11. Love this!!! That kid is ready for takeoff.

  12. Preston Sturges says:

    Light Your Ass On Fire

  13. That’s cool. :)
    I had mine made out of carved, painted styrofoam

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