Alan Partridge movie announced


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  1. Keith Tyler says:

    More or less “pitch black” than Nighty Night?

    I used to think I “got” British humour, but it seems to have veered away from my sensibilities these days.

    Any idea why lately there seems to be a trend of British “comedy” that is so black it’s almost suicidally depressing?

  2. chellberty says:

    cringing pleasure? …oh the fence oh gawd. 

  3. Evan G. says:


  4. Alex says:

    “I’ve got a clean license, yours is diiiiirty!”

    This could be good. I’m not expecting much, though. Although, I said the same thing about the Trailer Park Boys movies, and I was dead wrong.

  5. royaltrux says:

    I didn’t think too much of that on the whole. But I clicked on four or five clips youtube recommended afterwards and thought they were all funny. Here’s a few good ones. I’m a new fan, thanks Rob.

  6. bluest_one says:

    Well, this might be good. Every iteration of Partridge has been pretty damn  good.

    On The Hour on radio, The Day Today on TV, Knowing Me Knowing You, I’m Alan Partridge (season 1 at least), Mid Morning Matters on the web (all the episodes of which have been stupidly pulled by Fosters now) and the recent biography was just as funny as anything else he’s done.

    Not one duff thing.

    • Bethany says:

      True words, Blue.
      The Partridge camp appear to have a sensible quality control department which has always been nothing less than brilliant.
      Talk of a film has been subject of whispers for a long while and it’s actual delivery would be ‘lovely stuff’.

  7. Jonathan Key says:

    Great news!

    It’s “like” David Brent in that Brent was inspired by Alan Partridge to an embarrassing degree.

    Not to put too fine a point on it, Alan Partridge was the work of Steve Coogan, Armando Iannucci and Patrick Marber. Brent is the work of Ricky Gervais and his tall lackey. No contest.

    It helps to know that Partridge’s Norwich, though very nice, is the most notoriously beige & dull city in the UK.

    • VyperX says:

      Steve Coogan! I’d do away with Fine and go with either Extra Fine or Super Wide Body (not sure which direction this goes, it’s like Defcon 1 or 5) to scream that’s who plays Alan. I’ve yet to be disappointed by anything involving Coogan.

  8. Confirmed yes; announced, not really. Coogan and Ianucci have been talking seriously about the project for a couple of years.

  9. Warren_Terra says:

    The radio show and TV show of Knowing Me Knowing You were incredible. But I Netflixed the DVD of another Alan Partridge series and the only joke was an incredibly repetitive squirm-fest about Thai Ladyboys. Which is a fine topic for comedy, I suppose, but despite adoring Coogan and Iannucci I found the show unwatchable and returned the DVD unfinished.

  10. garyg2 says:

    “Wings, the band The Beatles could’ve been”

    I look forward to a movie though Coogan hasn’t exactly a stellar record on the big screen.

    New fans should look for The Trip, sitcom-turned-movie he did with Rob Brydon, kind of an english Sideways.

  11. sysyphus_sister says:

    I truly wish Peter Kay would come back and do something on the order of Phoenix Nights…that puts anything Coogan ever did to shame.

  12. SDurnin says:

    “I’m basically driving around in an obscene publication.”

  13. Navin_Johnson says:

    Hell yes!  Partridge has yet to disappoint in any of his incarnations.

  14. Nate Mannan says:

    Aha! It’s about time the rest of the world learned about this bastard.

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